HELOISE Cleaning isn't the same as disinfecting

Dear Heloise: My husband and I were discussing the difference between disinfecting and cleaning. I think they are pretty much the same thing, but my husband says no, they are different.
Can you please tell us who is right, as there is a dinner riding on it? Marion and Edward of Florida
Well, there is a difference, and let me explain. Cleaning usually involves using soap and water. This does remove dirt, grime and some germs, but even if the area you have cleaned looks clean, there might still be some nasty germs hanging on.
Disinfecting involves a germ-killing solution and thus kills the bacteria and germs. So, you should clean surfaces and then follow up with a disinfectant if that is what you are concerned about. Be sure to follow the directions on the package container. Heloise
Dear Heloise: As more of us become aware of the benefits of exercise, many walkers and joggers can be seen in our neighborhoods. How many of them carry identification? A young friend of mine died from a heart attack while jogging, and his family spent hours trying to locate him because he was a "John Doe."
You need to have your name and/or address and phone number on something in your pocket or shoe anytime you are without your usual wallet or purse. If you have a business card, it works well. Margaret S., Birmingham, Ala.
Dear Heloise: It seemed that every time I needed a phone number in the telephone book, it would be hard for me to find. Then I came up with the idea of highlighting each number I look up. This way, the next time I need it, I simply look for the color and voil & aacute; -- there it is! Sandra Long, Salem, Ore.
Dear Heloise: I found a wonderful use for a small cube tissue box. I put all of my plastic grocery bags into it. Then, when I need a bag, I can just pull one out. This has made my pantry so much neater, because there aren't plastic bags all over the place. D.N. from Denver
Dear Heloise: I receive so many address labels, I couldn't possibly use them all in 100 years!
If the labels have attractive graphics, I cut off the name and address and use the pictures for award stickers for children (good behavior, a perfect test score, returned homework, etc.).
I'm a retired teacher and now give these "stickers" to a local school for the teachers to use. Marilyn J. Michaels, Vista, Calif.
Dear Heloise: I wanted to put some cedar shavings in my closet to help deter moths. I couldn't think of what to put them in until I came up with coffee filters. I put some shavings in the filter, and then simply stapled it closed. This worked great and was easy to do, too. Mary Wilson, Roanoke, Va.
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