LAWRENCE COUNTY Officials continue to mull recycling plan

One commissioner is seeking a less-expensive recycling plan.
NEW CASTLE, Pa. -- Lawrence County commissioners' decision to implement a countywide recycling plan will go down to the wire.
The commissioners are to put in writing by Feb. 28 the details of a proposed countywide recycling plan. They have to formulate a plan by that date to keep a $900,000 recycling grant, Commissioner Brian Burick has said.
Burick told fellow commissioners at Thursday's caucus that he won't be ready to vote until the Feb. 25 caucus on what type of recycling equipment the county should use.
Burick told fellow commissioners he had nearly made up his mind about what kind of recycling equipment he would prefer.
Looking at options
The commissioners are considering various equipment options in starting a countywide recycling plan. One of the options is a V-Quip system, a program that has specially equipped bins placed throughout the county to collect recyclables.
The V-Quip equipment, made in Canada, would accept recyclables at centrally located spots in the county.
Burick, however, is considering other equipment he said would be less costly to operate. He estimates an alternative system that would not use the V-Quip containers would cost about $50,000 for the equipment and about $12,000 per year to run.
Commissioners have said they believe it would cost from $25,000 to $100,000 per year to operate the V-Quip system, which needs specially designed trucks to pick up the recyclables.
Burick has said that to pay for operating the V-Quip system the county would have to increase tipping fees that trash haulers pay. He said he's opposed to raising those fees because the haulers would ultimately pass on those increases to customers.
A consulting firm is working to revise the county's solid-waste management plan.
Commissioner Ed Fosnaught said commissioners should decide soon what recycling equipment to use because the recycling proposal should be part of the overall solid-waste management plan.

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