DANIEL WEBSTER | Coins Canadian Mint toasts Year of the Sheep

Canada is among the first countries to strike a coin celebrating the Year of the Sheep in the Chinese lunar calendar. The Royal Canadian Mint began marking the lunar calendar in 1998.
The 2003 coin, designed by Harvey Chan, is struck in sterling silver with carat gold-covered cameo showing a stylized sheep. The other symbols of the 12-year cycle circle the gold cameo.
The mint noted that among those born in the Year of the Sheep are singer Joni Mitchell and actress Pam Anderson.
The mint will strike 68,888 coins and offer them in a red velvet box. Price is $55.55.
Queries go to the mint at (800) 268-6468 or to the Web site www.mint.ca.
Jovine's designs
When Marcel Jovine died in January, he left many admirers who found his coin and medal designs both elegant and forceful.
Jovine had trained in an Italian military school and was captured and interned in the United States. He was repatriated, but returned to New Jersey in 1946.
First a toymaker, Jovine began designing medals in 1970 and was often finalist for designs of commemorative coins. His design for the $5 gold piece struck in 1987 for the bicentennial of the Constitution summarized his sweeping style. For that, he created an eagle clutching a quill in a style that was both realistic and dramatically expressionistic.
Issued by Shawnee Tribe
American Indian tribes and nations have issued coins periodically to protest policies, to argue a point or to commemorate a tribal hero. The Shawnee Tribe has joined this list by issuing a 2003 silver dollar honoring George Drouillard, an explorer who accompanied Lewis and Clark on their transcontinental trip. Drouillard was half-Shawnee, tribal spokesman Ron Sparkman says.
The coin, struck by PandaAmerica, is legal tender in Shawnee territory under the U.S. Shawnee Tribe Status Act of 2000. Don't try to spend it at the local supermarket, though.
The coins are being sold at $39.95 for proof and $19.95 in uncirculated grade. Information: (800) 472-6327, or at the Web site www.pandaamerica.com.
World series
Gold Coins of the World has entered its seventh edition with appearance of the new version. Arthur and Ira Friedberg have updated the encyclopedic book, first published in 1958 by their father, Robert Friedberg.
The new edition includes more than 18,000 coins illustrated by nearly 7,000 photos. The new reference is available at $75 plus handling from the Coin and Currency Institute, Box 1057, Clifton, N.J., 07014 or on the Web at www.goldcoinsoftheworld.com.

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