Preparing for a siege

Emergency supplies are rapidly moving off store shelves in the area.
BOARDMAN -- As the threat of war with Iraq looms, area residents are stocking up on emergency supplies.
Lowe's sold out of duct tape, and Jack Martz, assistant store manager there, said sales of plastic sheeting and flashlights have been brisk in recent days. Martz said he hoped the store would receive more duct tape by the middle of next week. "I have plenty of batteries," he added.
The U.S. Homeland Security Department has called on Americans to buy duct tape and sheeting to seal windows and doors in the event of a terrorist attack.
"We got some plastic, and we're looking for duct tape, and we're going to get some water," and flashlight batteries, said Eddie Mack of New Castle, who bought plastic sheeting at Lowe's Thursday evening. "We have a crank [operated] radio," and some stored canned food, he added.
"We're just going to have them in our basement to be prepared and ready in case we need them," Mack said. Mack, who works in Alliance, added that he and his wife, Jacque, have been discussing how and where they would meet in an emergency if he's at work and she's at home.
"The Bible tells us to pray for our leaders, and I think that's a good thing to remember right now. A lot of serious decisions are being made, and they need to have wise heads," Jacque said.
Jeffrey Moore of East Liverpool said he bought one roll of plastic sheeting at Lowe's for use as a drop cloth during a painting project and another for potential emergency use.
At nearby Wal-Mart, a clerk was busy restocking cases of bottled water from a pallet onto the shelves.
Kathy Kidston of Canfield bought 24 bottles of water, batteries and two flashlights at Wal-Mart, "just to be safe. In case the power goes off, I've got a better flashlight. My power went out for four hours the other night." As for emergency preparedness advice, she added, "You can't panic, but you have to be reasonable about things. I didn't get crazy with the duct tape or any of that. I don't think that's necessary."
At Giant Eagle at South Avenue and Doral Drive, shelves containing gallon jugs of water were left only half stocked after heavy consumer demand.
At Home Depot, sales of plastic sheeting, duct tape and batteries have been brisk, said Bill Patrick, assistant manager. There have also been a few sales of electric generators, he said. "We're going to try and support our customers with whatever they feel their needs are," he added. "The customers will tell us what they want, and we'll get it for them."
Canned goods
At Anzevino's Boardman Sparkle Market on Market Street, sales of bottled water and canned goods have increased in recent days, according to Fred Hively, assistant store manager. Shelves containing gallon jugs of water were two-thirds empty Thursday evening. "We've got plenty in the back" of the store, he said.
"We have seen a small increase in the sale of items such as water, nonperishable canned goods and boxed meals, such as hamburger helper," said Mike Bernstein of Landau Public Relations in Cleveland, a spokesman for Giant Eagle.

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