Original music sought

Original music sought
CLEVELAND -- The Great Lakes Theater Festival, in partnership with WCPN 90.3 FM Ideastream, invites high-school students to be part of Bardstock FM, a radio program featuring original student music inspired by William Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream."
Student groups or soloists in ninth- through 12th-grades may submit original songs in any style. The band or soloist must pitch the song idea to Great Lakes Theater Festival by Feb. 28. Send for an entry form to Great Lakes Theater Festival, c/o Bardstock FM, 1501 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 44115; by phone at (216) 241-5490; or email tkrispinsky@greatlakestheater.org.
Finalists' entries will be played on April 23 during WCPN's "Around Noon" broadcast.
GLTF and WCPN will evaluate the entries and recommend several for the next phase of the project -- the submission of a new song.
Unbelievable guys
The totally appealing/appalling boy report, from Seventeen magazine:
I had been with my boyfriend for a year when we broke up. I tried to move on, but I was lost without him. On Valentine's Day, a friend took me to a big party to cheer me up. But my ex-boyfriend happened to be there. I was so upset when I saw him -- it reminded me of how much I wanted to be with him. I started to leave, but he came running up to me and said that we needed to talk. My friend had told him I'd be there. He took a rose from behind his back and said, "I was a total jerk and I've been so miserable without you. I have to try to make up for my stupidity." We went for a walk and wound up outside the public pool, the scene of our first kiss. He said it was where he first knew he loved me, and nothing could ever change how he felt. Then he kissed me. It was so romantic! How could I not forgive him?
My boyfriend and I dated for five months. Then, about a month ago, we decided to take a break. Well, this was great news for my best friend, who'd had a crush on him since he and I had started going out. She began flirting with him and was convinced he would ask her out. This was fine with me, until I started having feelings for him again. And he said that he wasn't over me, either. He asked if we could try again, but I said I didn't know because I didn't want to hurt my best friend. I told him I'd talk to her, but the next time I saw her, she was hugging my guy! I was mad at both of them, so I just walked away. Later, my friend asked me not to hate her -- my boyfriend had asked her out and she'd said yes! Now I know my ex is a player, and my best friend isn't the person I thought she was.
Notable quotables
"Michael's really popular with taxi drivers and garbage men. I jokingly call him Mr. Mayor." -- Tracy Pollan, on husband Michael J. Fox's popularity in their New York neighborhood, in Self magazine.
"As an actress, I have a voice, and it's nice to use it for something more important than just pondering whether Freddie Prinze Jr. is cuter than Paul Walker." -- Actress Gabrielle Union, on her decision to speak out about being raped as a teen, in Teen Vogue.
"It was magical. We kissed a whole lot. It was only uncomfortable for the first couple of minutes. Then you're just going for it, slobbering all over each other and saying, 'Oh, you have something in your teeth.' I went through a couple of tins of breath mints." -- Actress Jennifer Garner, on kissing Leonardo DiCaprio in "Catch Me If You Can," in People magazine.
Cute cosmetics
Yes, we all want makeup that highlights, enhances and (occasionally) covers imperfections. But it's a big bonus when we discover cosmetics that are really cute to boot. And that's the case with Eyeko, a British beauty brand that has crossed the pond and is available in the United States.
The line has a certain Hello Kitty quality to it -- the packaging is all pink and aqua, and features Eyeko, a pink-haired animated beauty. But despite its mild-manner exterior, the makeup inside isn't kids' stuff. These are serious beauty boosters, with a few fun twists. The felt tip pen is reminiscent of a Crayola marker, but it's a long-lasting lip stain. The blotting paper comes in a roll, tucked inside a key chain. And a vanilla-scented lip gloss comes in a tiny T-shirt-shaped case.
Check out the whole Eyeko line at www.eyebeautyusa.com, Nordstrom stores or www.nordstrom.com.

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