Democrats seem to forget the way things were

Democrats seem to forget the way things were
I am amazed at how hypocritical the liberal Democrats have become. Just a few years ago, President Clinton launched a war against Serbia to liberate persecuted Muslims living in Kovoso. Serbia posed no credible threat to the United States, yet the Democrats supported this war.
President Clinton bypassed the United Nations and used our NATO allies to defeat Serbia, yet the Democrats never complained that the United Nations was not consulted. Russia and China opposed the war with Serbia, yet the Democrats never said we must get them to agree with our position.
Saddam Hussein has murdered and tortured more people than Slobodan Milosovich, yet the Democrats apparently do not care about human rights in foreign countries anymore.
Democrats must quit politicizing our need to remove Saddam Hussein from power and stand behind President Bush as he manages the war on terror. The Democratic Party lost seats in both chambers of Congress last November because of their constant complaining of President Bush's policies without offering any alternatives. The Democrats have not learned any lessons from their defeat.
Leadership requires making tough decisions, and not wavering on these decisions when times get rough. Democrats take polls and then stands. President Bush takes stands and the polls follow. President Bush has become a decisive leader, deserving of our support. Democrats have become decisively hypocritical, deserving of our contempt.
Who's taxing, spending now? Not Democrats
Like many investors, federal, state, and local governments thought the economy of the late 90's was the & quot;new economy & quot; and would continue ad infinitum. The tax coffers were swelling and our legislatures were oblivious to the & quot;bubble & quot; that would eventually burst. Instead of banking the increased revenues for a rainy day, the politicians did what they always do, spend every red cent that arrives.
Now that the bubble has burst, government entities everywhere are scrambling for money to cover their spending habits. Six months ago Gov. Taft was downplaying Mr. Hagan's claim that the state was going to face a $4 billion shortfall all in the name of getting re-elected. Problem was, Mr. Hagan was right, and now Mr. Taft is proposing tax increases to nearly everything including death.
Yes, death and taxes are guarantees, but Taft wants to take it a step further, taxing death. On top of this fiasco, the & quot;education governor's & quot; budget still uses property taxes as the main method to fund education even though the Ohio Supreme Court has ruled that unconstitutional. Taft also continues to underfund education at all levels thereby forcing local schools to ask the voters for more money and colleges to increase tuition.
Now the state faces the prospect of the biggest tax increase in its history. So much for the tax and spend liberal Democrats!
Youngstown's best bet: a 21st century casino
We could create lots of new jobs. We could improve the traffic flow at the Youngstown airport. We could hire back all the deputies, etc. etc..
We could bring in large amounts of revenue for Youngstown and Warren. Lots of other cities are doing it.
Build a casino.
People are flying out of Youngstown to go to Vegas and other cities.
People are playing the lotto and going to bingo, etc.
We won't be creating new sins for our neighbors. They are already spending the money.
We really should join the 21st century.