LUCASVILLE, OHIO Woman's murderer is executed

Richard E. Fox was the sixth prisoner to be executed since 1999.
LUCASVILLE, Ohio (AP) -- A man who lured a college student to her death with the promise of a job was executed today.
Richard E. Fox, 47, was executed by injection after being refused clemency and a chance to argue for resentencing. His attorneys said a week earlier that no more appeals would be filed.
He was pronounced dead at 10:13 a.m. at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility. It was the state's sixth execution since Ohio resumed using the death penalty in 1999.
Fox kidnapped, stabbed and strangled Leslie Keckler, 18, of Bowling Green, on Sept. 26, 1989. Her body was found four days later in a ditch near the northwestern Ohio city. He was convicted in 1990 of aggravated murder and kidnapping; Fox had confessed.
End of appeals
Gov. Bob Taft refused last week to grant clemency, saying there was no doubt that Fox was guilty. Greg Meyers, chief of the Ohio Public Defender's death penalty section, said then that there were no more legal issues to appeal.
Fox had lived in the northwestern Ohio town of Tontogany.
The injection Fox received consists of sodium pentothal, which induces unconsciousness; pancuronium bromide, a muscle relaxant that stops breathing; and potassium chloride, which stops the heart.
About six death-penalty objectors gathered outside the prison at sunrise, awaiting two busloads of students from Roman Catholic high schools in Cleveland and Cincinnati.

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