Amino and fatty acids are moisturizers

NEW YORK (AP) -- There probably is a hair product out there for every taste: Fruit extracts, soy, chocolate and cucumbers. Even marshmallow root is thrown into the mix.
But Joanne Crudele, senior development manager for Unilever, which makes Dove Hair Care products, makes a case for plain-old moisturizers that occur naturally in hair.
She says using things natural to one's hair, including fatty and amino acids, minimizes the heaviness associated with other conditioning products. According to Crudele, amino acids make up the protein of the hair, fatty acids are known as hair's natural lubricant, and glycerin is a common naturally occurring moisturizer.
"The best things that you could be putting onto the hair are the things that we're losing daily from our hair. Take notice of fatty and amino acids rather than botanicals because these are the most natural moisturizers that you can choose for your hair," Crudele says.

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