LISBON School chief lists effects of cuts

Lisbon schools would have to make cuts in special programs if state funding is reduced, the superintendent says.
LISBON -- Superintendent Charles McShane outlined the possible ramifications for Lisbon schools if the new, two-year state budget, which begins July 1, is not approved by the Legislature.
McShane said according to news accounts that he has read, Gov. Bob Taft is proposing a 3 percent cut to education for each year if his budget is not approved as presented.
McShane noted any cut would have a negative impact on the district. He said even deeper cuts in special programs, such as drug-free schools, would be needed to equal an across-the-board cut of three percent.
McShane also said in order to balance this year's state budget by June 30, a 3-percent funding cut in education will be needed if new tax revenue is not raised.
Treasurer Cindy Altomare said the district would lose about $131,000 in state funding. She noted, however, that the district would be able to handle the cut. It would amount to a reduction in the proposed carry-over balance for the 2003-2004 year starting July 1.
McShane said he did not understand the cuts being proposed by Taft, since previous meetings he has attended featuring state Superintendent Susan Tave Zelman have called for increases in funding for education of about 2.7 percent per year and lifting of restrictions on parity-aid funding for the next biennium.
In a related matter, McShane pointed out Columbiana County is having a meeting for all local school board members Feb. 24 regarding school funding. State Sen. Gregory DiDonato of New Philadelphia, D-30th, and State Rep. Charles Blasdell of East Liverpool, R-1st, are scheduled to speak at the gathering.
The meeting will be at the Columbiana County Career Center.

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