Best to scrap old countertops

Best to scrapold countertops
Q. I have laminate and tile countertops in the kitchen and bathroom that need changing. Are there options I can use to resurface these counters without pulling them off their bases? I would prefer to keep the counters in place so I do not have to disturb the wallpaper or wall around them. I am open to suggestions for both of these areas, but with the laminate tops in particular, I am hoping to use a laminate product once again.
A. Eric Caspersen, a home remodeler in Cuyahoga Falls, said it's not the best idea to put laminate over laminate, but it is possible. You need to rough up the surface sufficiently so the new laminate will adhere well, and use plenty of glue and clamps.
However, he strongly recommended against putting any new surface over tile. You can't get proper adhesion, he said, and tile doesn't provide a smooth enough base. An additional concern with putting laminate over tile is that the imperfections in the tile surface will eventually show through.
Caspersen said he wouldn't put new tile on top of anything but cement board, which is waterproof and won't expand and contract. Tiling on top of any other base just invites cracking of the grout, water getting under the tiles and other problems.

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