AUSTINTOWN Schools budget

Some of the figures from the revised 2002-2003 Austintown schools budget, approved Monday:
Carry-over from 2001-2002: $4.4 million
Total revenue for 2002-2003: $33.8 million
State funds and unrestricted grants: $14.8 million
Real estate tax: $14.4 million
Personal property tax: $1.5 million
Total expenditures for 2002-2003: $37.2 million
Salaries, wages and personal services: $22.4 million
Starting salary for a full-time teacher: $26,940*
Maximum salary: $60,642**
Average: $46,000
Employee retirement and insurance benefits: $9 million
Purchased services: $2.9 million
Supplies and materials: $1.4 million
Capital improvements: $1.1 million
Expected general fund balance at end of 2002-2003: $603,409
*Bachelor's degree required.
** Master's degree and minimum of 27 years' experience required.
Source: Austintown Board of Education

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