A list of reasons why U.S. shouldn't invade Iraq

A list of reasons whyU.S. shouldn't invade Iraq
As an otherwise proud citizen of the United States of American as well as the Mahoning Valley, I find myself morally called upon to voice my increasing dismay at the rush to war that our leaders are insisting upon.
It seems virtually unstoppable, but I must speak out against the arrogant unilateralism our country is displaying. The administration is ignoring the dire consequences of this headlong rush to invade Iraq. We need the United Nations inspections to run their full course before we dispense with that body's role in the world.
If we invade Iraq because it might use weapons of mass destruction in the future, will it not be a message to other countries to press ahead (in haste) to obtain their own -- before the United States invades them as well? Is that not the message we will be sending?
If we invade Iraq will terrorism suddenly subside? No, we will be targets all over the world and at home. We will be the objects of even more virulent hatred. Acts of terrorism will increase in quantity and intensity -- by those people who already see us as international bullies.
We need all of our allies -- European and others -- to help us fight terrorism. By snubbing our nose at them we place ourselves at terrible risk of undercutting our ability to fight terrorism and its roots -- in other countries as well as our own.
If we invade Iraq before the U.N. inspections have been completed, before we have the support of the full U.N. to do so, we face years -- decades -- of terrible economic and social isolation and hardships.
That is why I will be attending the Valley Rally Against the War at the Mahoning County Courthouse Saturday (an international day of protest). I want to add my voice to the many in this country and all over the world who do not want war. Concerned citizens of this Valley, all of whom believe that war with Iraq is a horrifying prospect, have organized the local rally. The group acknowledges that there are many reasons that people are against going to war, but that all agree on the main point -- war in Iraq is a terrible, terrible idea. No one is asking my opinion, so I feel I must at least put my body in a place where it might be counted.
X The writer is a committee member of the Valley Rally Against the War.
Firefighters say thanks
On the morning of Jan. 25, a fire at the Amen Corners sports bar in Girard broke out and destroyed the bar. The Weathersfield Township Fire Department was called to assist Girard firefighters in battling the blaze in the frigid cold of that morning. As a member of the Weathersfield Township Fire Department Station 40, I would like to extend a public thank you to Mrs. Jolene Walker.
She is the dedicated wife of a Girard fireman who came to the scene and brought Gatorade, coffee, hot chocolate, sandwiches, doughnuts and new, warm gloves to replace the ones that were freezing due to the temperatures of that morning. The firefighters of Girard should consider themselves lucky to have such a nice, dedicated woman to assist them any way she can without any thought of re-payment.
The Weathersfield Township Station 40 firefighters thank you, Mrs. Walker, for all that you did that cold morning.
The missing predator
The Vindicator recently reported that a Howland man was convicted of rape, kidnapping and felonious assault. These charges also included a firearm specification, as a result at least three years will be added to his sentence.
However, a judge ruled that the prosecutor did not prove this man was a sexually violent predator.
On one hand guilty of rape, kidnapping and assault. On the other hand, not a sexually violent predator. Is there an oxymoron at work somewhere in this, or just a moron?
Mineral Ridge