Covering it all

Covering it all
kON COLD, wintry days, some folks will wear anything to keep their heads warm. Others choose to sport the shivers and blue lips over a hat that isn't their style. Above, Andrew Comstock, 8, of Boardman prefers a colorful court-jester style that ties under his chin and has earflaps -- "Uncle Rob bought it for me," he said.
LIFE & amp; WORK
Driven to romance
kFOR GENERATIONS, scientists have studied the peacock feathers of human mating, the swish and swagger that advertise sexual interest, the courtship dance at bars, the public display. They've left the private experience -- what's happening in the brain when we fall for someone -- mostly to poets. We know there's an inborn human urge to mate, after all. Love is a mystery, a promise, an arrow from Cupid's bow.
His Airness deflated
kTHERE WERE no last-second magic shots for Michael Jordan in his final NBA All-Star game Sunday as the West took the East to double overtime and a 155-145 victory.

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