COLUMBIANA CORNER Getting around post office watchdogs

Columbiana County Commissioner Sean Logan jokingly suggested a solution to a problem the county is facing in getting dog tags mailed to owners.
The post office has refused to mailtags unless the county coughs up 12 cents more per envelope for postage, bringing the total to 49 cents each for nearly 7,000 envelopes. The additional postage is necessary to pay for handling the bulky envelopes, the post office says.
Tongue-in-cheek, Logan suggested that instead of the county's taking hundreds of envelopes to the post office at once, as it does now, that various county officials take a few handfuls at a time and drop them into mailboxes throughout the county. The strategy might help bypass the post office watchdogs, Logan quipped.
Missing purse returned
A Carrollton woman told Salem police last week that she had left her purse in a cart in the parking lot at the Marc's variety store and when she returned, it was missing.
The purse contained about $700 in cash, a checkbook and savings account book, 10 to 12 personal checks made out to her, a safety deposit box key and the keys to her house.
A police report a few hours later showed the woman had called back to say someone called her and returned the purse.
Noisy revenge
Perry Township police responded to a noise complaint one day last week about 11:30 a.m. The complaint was that a resident was playing music excessively loud. The man told police the loud music was a little revenge on the neighbors. He said he had been awake all night because the neighbors were fighting.
XContributors: Norman Leigh and Nancy Tullis of the Salem Bureau

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