1st--Y Two K Compliant6.404.003.20
Secret Guarantee (R.Perez)23.8012.00
Runaway Reality (D.Parker)7.40
Off 7:01. Time 1:53.22. Good. Also Ran--Coos Bay, Bowl of Fire, Z Z Jaber Jaws, What's So Funny, Stage Doll, Greed, Sheezaccountedfor. Perfecta (1-3) paid $163.40. Trifecta (1-3-8) paid $2,130.40.
1st--Tricia's Account6.404.403.20
A. P. Jetta (N.Bracaloni)23.607.40
Mary's Empress (R.Fogelsonger)3.60
Off 12:41. Time 1:06.44. Exacta (4-8) paid $182.60. Trifecta (4-8-5) paid $559.00.
2nd--Comet Surprise (Douglas)30.8012.806.80
Shades Creek (R.Fogelsonger)3.602.80
Opening Word (R.Dominguez)4.80
Off 1:09. Time 1:45.95. Daily Double (4-8) paid $244.60. Exacta (8-1) paid $116.40. Trifecta (8-1-7) paid $620.40.
3rd--Charging Ruby (G.Hutton)
Oop Oopy Do (R.Fogelsonger)2.402.20
Scent of a Lady (F.Douglas)4.80
Off 1:40. Time 1:28.52. Fast. Scratched--Going Going Going, Dance With Me Dear. Also Ran--Maria Farina, Hill Cat, Princess Jess, Flo. Exacta (3-5) paid $21.60. Superfecta (3-5-4-9) paid $1,407.10. Twin Trifecta (3-5-4) paid $326.20.
4th--Fineonthefarm (J.Rose)8.203.802.80
Punchstorm (R.Dominguez)4.002.60
Kyle's Lil Boy (R.Fogelsonger)2.60
Off 2:09. Time 1:06.00. Fast. Scratched--Clever Jim. Also Ran--Maxwelsilverhammer, Kick N Punch, Power Supply, Count On Mom. Pick 3 (8-3-7) 3 Correct Paid $1,931.00. Trifecta (7-6-2) paid $85.20. Exacta (7-6) paid $30.40.
5th--Far and Above (C.Potts)8.404.002.80
Private Lass (R.Fogelsonger)3.402.60
Cryptobillie (O.Castillo)2.80
Off 2:39. Time 1:30.45. Fast. Scratched--Bea Princess. Also Ran--Kharkov Lady, Routine Panic, Hay Frolick, Sarcastic, Track Bar, Conceivable. Exacta (6-5) paid $30.80. Superfecta (6-5-2-1) paid $81.50. Trifecta (6-5-2) paid $70.60.
6th--Kiss Me Jim (H.Vega)6.604.003.80
Pretty Sly (R.Fogelsonger)4.603.20
Cat's Gambol (R.Wilson)3.40
Off 3:07. Time 1:45.46. Fast. Also Ran--Stepatatime, Wild Centurion, Nick Mitchell, Sly Grin. Exacta (3-1) paid $37.80. Trifecta (3-1-2) paid $80.40.
7th--Game Effort (C.Potts)23.8012.205.40
Pick's Prospect (H.Karamanos)8.205.00
Alwaysacontender (J.Rose)5.40
Off 3:36. Time 1:44.27. Fast. Scratched--Jux. Also Ran--Hero's Glow, Torch the Halls, Hunter B., Capote Sun, Flo's Bo, Boca Flyer, Al Khaaser. Pick 4 (7-6-3-8) 4 Correct Paid $3,024.80. Superfecta (8-2-3-11) paid $17,364.80. Trifecta (8-2-3) paid $2,100.60. Exacta (8-2) paid $228.00.
8th--Long Chun (J.Santana)16.805.003.00
Rock Fever (J.Acosta)3.202.60
Treasure Coast Gem (H.Karamanos)2.40
Off 4:05. Time 1:53.41. Fast. Scratched--Noteable, Seattle Socialite, Pupil, True Fashion. Also Ran--Avenging Passion, Without Concern. Pick 3 (3-8-5) 3 Correct Paid $930.40. Trifecta (5-2-4) paid $130.20. Exacta (5-2) paid $50.20.
9th--Gimmeawink (J.Rose)6.804.002.60
Penobscot Bay (J.Santana)6.003.80
Gators N Bears (H.Vega)3.40
Off 4:38. Time 1:43.07. Fast. Scratched--Formidable Fox, Auto City. Also Ran--Skycrossing, Dr. Phil, Intensive Dancer, Skamper. Daily Double (5-9) paid $83.80. Exacta (9-5) paid $56.40. Superfecta (9-5-1-6) paid $301.00. Trifecta (9-5-1) paid $174.40.
Attendance: unavailable. Track Handle: unavailable.
1st--Validcardealer (R.Rojas)6.602.802.30
Sir Ghost (S.Bridgmohan)2.502.20
Pirate's Gold (L.Chavez)2.50
Off 12:30. Time 1:11.92. Fast. Scratched--Hunt Gold, River Raven. Also Ran--Let's Party, Vincent De Paul, Malinverno, Inca Halo, Dixielander. Exacta (5-8) paid $15.40. Trifecta (5-8-7) paid $29.20.
2nd--Tarakan (J.McKee)4.703.002.40
Unanimous Decision (A.Gryder)9.104.40
Dynamo Don (C.Lopez)2.70
Off 12:58. Time 1:10.79. Fast. Also Ran--Unreal General, Bullistic Flight, Eleven West. Daily Double (5-2) paid $18.60. Exacta (2-1) paid $26.40. Quinella (1-2) paid $16.00. Trifecta (2-1-4) paid $74.00.
3rd--Rosie's Big Boy (Lopez)3.502.702.30
Glory Be to Winloc (Juarez, Jr.)7.004.20
Teet Jr. (J.Samyn)4.20
Off 1:30. Time 1:39.78. Fast. Scratched--Prince Peter B B, Cape Pogue, Pleasant Trick, Tomorrow No More, Distinctive Ed, Yourstocommand. Also Ran--Success Rate, a-Seven Seven Adam, a-Arjay's Flag, John's Jet, Luvnluk, Hunter's Tale, Wonderful Victory. Exacta (2-5) paid $29.20. Trifecta (2-5-9) paid $171.50. a-Coupled.
4th--Northwest Hill (M.Luzzi)5.303.502.70
Mike's Thunder (A.Gryder)4.503.00
Mr. Baskets (S.Bridgmohan)3.10
Off 1:58. Time 2:05.69. Fast. Scratched--Storm the Gate. Also Ran--Mutawaged, Sovereign Kit, Red Gem, Capote Express. Pick 3 (2-2-1) 3 Correct Paid $25.00. Quinella (1-3) paid $12.80. Trifecta (1-3-2) paid $50.00. Exacta (1-3) paid $19.60.
5th--Kissin Saint4.002.20No Tix
a-Swept in Three (A.Gryder)2.20No Tix
a-Kings of the Ring (Lopez)2.20No Tix
Off 2:28. Time 1:38.98. Fast. Scratched--Auto City, Midnight Charlie. Also Ran--Untold Tale, Polish Gift. Pick 3 (2-1-2) 3 Correct Paid $14.80. Exacta (2-1) paid $5.70. a-Coupled.
6th--Urania (L.Castillo)16.809.804.00
Pasta Due (A.Juarez, Jr.)22.207.70
Thong (J.Castellano)2.40
Off 2:57. Time 1:49.11. Fast. Also Ran--Cariel, Charleston Springs, Her Place, Highest Offer, Wild Dina, Lost Furlough. dq--Pasta Due (1-2). Pick 3 (1-2-9) 3 Correct Paid $105.00. Trifecta (9-1-4) paid $646.00. Exacta (9-1) paid $246.00.
7th--Bavarian Girl47.609.204.70
Recherche (R.Migliore)2.702.20
Princess Lanique (A.Gryder)3.10
Off 3:27. Time 1:43.63. Fast. Also Ran--Paint It Black, Kalki's Pride, Blushing Valleys, Assess. Pick 3 (2-9-4) 3 Correct Paid $682.00. Exacta (4-2) paid $127.50. Trifecta (4-2-7) paid $480.50. Daily Double (9-4) paid $311.50.
8th--Boston Park (Bridgmohan)16.407.004.60
Grey Comet (A.Gryder)4.803.00
Go Rockin' Robin (M.Luzzi)4.50
Off 3:55. Time 1:44.74. Fast. Scratched--Gimmeawink. Also Ran--Mustang Jock, Torre and Zim, Formidable Fox. Pick 6 (2-1-2-9-4-5) 6 Correct Paid $56,218.00, 5 Correct Paid $271.50. Trifecta (5-6-7) paid $336.00. Exacta (5-6) paid $54.00.
9th--My Legal Alien (Gryder)8.405.704.30
Jelly Roll Rock (C.Lopez)9.505.80
Eddie White Sox (S.Bridgmohan)3.60
Off 4:22. Time 1:44.86. Fast. Scratched--High On Madison. Also Ran--My Pal Al, Snoopy Blues, Tamusky, Promise Mountain, Jovial Forecast, Austin's Awesome. Pick 4 (9-4-5-1) 4 Correct Paid $9,373.00. Pick 3 (4-5-1) 3 Correct Paid $1,774.00. Exacta (1-2) paid $70.50. Superfecta (1-2-7-6) paid $3,467.00. Trifecta (1-2-7) paid $310.00. Daily Double (5-1) paid $87.50.
Attendance: 6,761. ITW $2,901,838. IST $5,558,301. Handle $1,056,817. Total Handle $9,516,956.
1st--$10,300, mdn cl $4,000-$4,000, 3YO up, 1mi.
Dreamin Big, wt. 114; Wild and Witty, wt. 121; Rothko, wt. 121; Holiday Countdown, wt. 121; Frigidon, wt. 121; Neat Cat, wt. 121; Our El Nino, wt. 114; Forteyounzer, wt. 121; Another Quatorze, wt. 121; Jamessonjimmyjames, wt. 121.
2nd--$10,500, cl $4,000-$4,000, 3YO up F & amp;M, 1mi.
Bicol Express, wt. 115; A. G. Dreams, wt. 110; Two Queens, wt. 115; Idle Day, wt. 115; Vivid Bridget, wt. 115; Better Senorita, wt. 121; Halu Kour's Lady, wt. 108; Backyard, wt. 115; Joanie's Way, wt. 115; It Is Private, wt. 115.
3rd--$12,300, mdn cl $7,500-$6,500, 3YO up F & amp;M, 1mi.
Tender Rosemary, wt. 118; Stay Out Late, wt. 121; Believable Shirley, wt. 111; Winding W C, wt. 121; Victorys Call, wt. 118; April's Louve, wt. 121; Sami Ro, wt. 121; Another Cafe, wt. 121; Balvanera, wt. 121; My Baby Claire, wt. 111.
4th--$12,900, cl $7,500-$6,500, 3YO up, 1mi 70yd.
My Friend Artie, wt. 115; Barath, wt. 115; Sun Rise Express, wt. 115; On the Bay, wt. 115; Musgrove Mill, wt. 115; Karakorum Wonder, wt. 115; Awesome Here, wt. 115; Ide and Seek, wt. 115; Pair a Aces, wt. 115; A. P. Thunder, wt. 115.
5th--$11,000, cl $4,000-$4,000, 3YO up F & amp;M, 6f.
Honey Dew, wt. 121; I'm So Special, wt. 121; Devil's Music, wt. 121; Seraphic Storm, wt. 121; Principal Interest, wt. 121; Sirrom Sirrom, wt. 121; Gay and J Mac, wt. 121; Tree Bandit, wt. 121; Gold Queen, wt. 121; Inca Queen, wt. 121.
6th--$21,700, mdn spl wt, 3YO up, 5 1/2f.
Signals Diamond, wt. 121; Number One Hammer, wt. 121; Thunder Bey, wt. 121; Miners Sin, wt. 121; No Looking Back, wt. 121; Fran the Man, wt. 112; Old Scotch, wt. 121; Twin Oaks A. L., wt. 121; Cachet Away, wt. 112; Talkabluestreak, wt. 112.
7th--$19,800, cl $30,000-$25,000, 3YO up F & amp;M, 6f.
Ally's Valentine, wt. 115; Go High, wt. 115; Xenellen, wt. 111; Conbird, wt. 115; Free Play, wt. 121; Bates Choice, wt. 113; Bold n' Pretty, wt. 111; Seize the Glory, wt. 111; Our Carol, wt. 115; Allocation, wt. 111.
1st--$10,300, mdn cl $4,000-$4,000, 3YO up F & amp;M, 6f.
Pro Gamble, wt. 121; Royal Recovery, wt. 121; Judgemental, wt. 121; Edith Says, wt. 121; Lido Girl, wt. 121; River Hills Cat, wt. 121; Tsunami's Majesty, wt. 121; True Dawn, wt. 121; Apple's Hero, wt. 112; Runaway Luck, wt. 121.
2nd--$11,000, cl $4,000-$4,000, 3YO up, 5 1/2f.
Thaw, wt. 121; Corey's Minstrel, wt. 121; Extranet, wt. 121; Higher Desire, wt. 121; El Arrabalero, wt. 121; Danbuck, wt. 114; Capitol Society, wt. 121; Native War Dancer, wt. 121; Tahapo, wt. 121; Del Mar Dancer, wt. 121.
3rd--$11,400, cl $4,000-$4,000, 3YO up F & amp;M, 5 1/2f.
Wider Smile, wt. 116; High Promise, wt. 121; Thanks Amy, wt. 121; Kipperella, wt. 121; Vandaniere, wt. 121; Northern Twinkle, wt. 121; Miraculousmichel, wt. 121; Do It Again Honey, wt. 121; Marja, wt. 121; You Can Too, wt. 121.
4th--$10,900, cl $4,000-$4,000, 3YO up F & amp;M, 1mi 70yd.
Sergeant Mimi, wt. 115; Accent of Gold, wt. 115; Reasonable Diane, wt. 115; Day Planner, wt. 115; Golden Smile, wt. 115; Good Combination, wt. 115; Jen's Diamond Girl, wt. 115; Under the Hill, wt. 121; Chrismitch, wt. 115; One Up, wt. 115.
5th--$11,000, cl $4,000-$4,000, 3YO up, 5 1/2f.
Sunoke, wt. 121; Select Few, wt. 121; Shomrim's Guard, wt. 121; Quiet Strategy, wt. 121; Musical Affair, wt. 121; Mike Regs Winner, wt. 121; Torrid Sand, wt. 121; Wakiewakieglenie, wt. 121; Texasourtexas, wt. 121; Rockabye Music, wt. 121.
6th--$19,800, cl $30,000-$25,000, 3YO up, 6f.
Aeras, wt. 111; Mad Kipper, wt. 111; Boalex Party, wt. 111; Cherokee Road, wt. 115; Wadsworth, wt. 115; McMaster, wt. 109; A's Anchorman, wt. 114; Catbite, wt. 115; Iron Action, wt. 115.
7th--$25,000, alc, 3YO F (NW2 L), 6f.
Fitzbid, wt. 112; Baileys Affair, wt. 113; Cobra Lady, wt. 113; Lipstick Lies, wt. 119; Flying Oleta, wt. 113; Our Lilly, wt. 113; Honorable Code, wt. 116; Outback Annie, wt. 113; Tiger Catress, wt. 113; Violet Eyed Diva, wt. 108.
8th--$21,600, cl $6,500-$6,500, 3YO up, 1 1/16mi.
Diamond Joe, wt. 115; Bocelli, wt. 115; Ident, wt. 115; Restless Sound, wt. 115; Al Berto, wt. 115; Tenfortynine, wt. 115; Personal Stash, wt. 115; Elm's Legacy, wt. 111; Secret Ace, wt. 115; Riata Goldrush, wt. 115.
9th--$26,300, cl $12,500-$12,500, 3YO up F & amp;M, 1mi.
Devil in Pink, wt. 115; Bravehearted Lady, wt. 118; In Dancing Order, wt. 118; Bates of Course, wt. 115; Cryptorouge, wt. 115; Ogle, wt. 115; Joanie's Jett, wt. 115; For Bailey's Sake, wt. 121; Jade Julia, wt. 115; Skifalett, wt. 115.
10th--$10,500, cl $4,000-$4,000, 3YO up, 1 1/8mi.
Master Mechanic, wt. 115; Mo Dixie, wt. 115; Randi's Song, wt. 115; Wynn With Quinn, wt. 115; Lonso Star, wt. 115; Gray Package, wt. 115; Dextro Tempore, wt. 115; Honor Be Thy Name, wt. 115; Playing Lit, wt. 115; Mont Eagle, wt. 115.
1st--TROT, NW1CD, 2,200, 1 MI
Deadbeatdad,M Smith; Busy Exchange,G Waple; Carry The Ball,D Hawk; Tori's Angel,M Spearman; Call Ahead,G Grismore; Spice Exchange,C Myrick; Herecomestheyank,A Merriman; Oakinator,R Tharps; Irish Jake,D Mc Kirgan.
2nd--PACE, LC NW1CD, 2,500, 1 MI
Cartsman Joe,A Merriman; Lightwave,D Mc Kirgan; Beauty's In Town,R Tharps; Grifter,J Pantaleano; Tsm Royal Ability,J Fout; Bold Master,D Ward; The Baby Bulldog,D Hawk; Sand Magic Ride,T Loy; Midnight Wine,G Grismore.
3rd--TROT, NW200PSCD, 2,000, 1 MI
Georgeontheboard,S Cox; Cr Grandiose,D Hawk; Lost and Marooned,J Pantaleano; Royal Fin,G Grismore; Lay Straight,J Joyner; Pretty Perfect,D Edwards; Sea Darwin,A Merriman; Victories Lady,R Naftzger; Parkview Queen,D Mc Kirgan.
4th--PACE, 3000CLCD, 2,000, 1 MI
Nuclear Eclipse,K Holliday; Killians King,J Fout; Water Scooter,R Tharps; Bret Seven,B Sturgeon; Under Combat,G Bartlett; Gentleman's Ridge,R Fisher Jr; Budmight,D Ross; Maximum Revenge,G Grismore; What's For Dessert,J Pantaleano.
5th--PACE, LC NW1CD, 2,500, 1 MI
Sweet Sam,G Grismore; Three Point Turn,R Barella; Escape The Ty,J Pantaleano; Hannible Hylight,J Fout; Little Debbie Ann,L Merriman; Meigs Falcon Brett,B Sturgeon; Up Front Hanover,R Tharps; Thegreenhorse,J Green; Mirth Is King,D Hawk.
6th--PACE, NW200PSCD, 2,000, 1 MI
Rag Man's Son,W Irvine; Whisky Pick,D Fisher; Mudges Guy,C Wyers; Patternity,J Thompson; Hit The Beach,D Ward; Hogue's Happy Buck,D Simmons; Fireball Falcon,A Merriman; Run On Billy,B Sturgeon; B T O Bubba,J Fout.
7th--PACE, 3000CLCD, 2,200, 1 MI
Tykhan,B Sturgeon; Leading Raider,J Pantaleano; Jw Forrister,K Holliday; R Smart Alec,D Fisher; Kopiki,W Irvine; Beachandmoan,D Hawk; Brooklets Bachelor,R Tharps; One Nite Ata Time,D Ross; E T's Grandcam,G Grismore.
8th--TROT, NW400PSCD, 4,000, 1 MI
Bratty Brit,J Thompson; Flo N Easy,J Conger; Chanrock,D Hawk; Inquisitive,G Grismore; Flossy Flo,D Mc Kirgan; Truthful,L Rich; Trampoline,W Irvine; Rosemary's Best,W Irvine; Caribbean Sun,J Pantaleano.
9th--PACE, 4000CL, 2,400, 1 MI
Cr Dan Cam,G Grismore; Reality's Place,W Irvine; Fox Valley Chiaway,R Tharps; Bunce N,K Holliday; Papalou,J Pantaleano; Shy Roller,D Ward; Youre The Man Gb,D Hawk; Drift Off To Dream,J Fout.
10th--PACE, 8000CL NW3, 3,000, 1 MI
Star In The Ruff,J Fout; Sheza Solar Raquet,D Ross; Ron V,D Mc Kirgan; Bruiser Sahbra,K Holliday; Sydney's Olympiad,R Tharps; Happy Jackson,J Pantaleano; Astrollogical,D Hawk; Win Me Over,D Ward; Leave It Alone,J Thompson.
11th--PACE, NW300PSCD, 3,000, 1 MI
Bad Boy Elmo,G Waple; Mr Chick,D Hawk; Fakes Folly A,J Pantaleano; No Jiggity,R Tharps; Fancy Mart,T Jones; One Mans Dream,K Holliday; Allamerican Coach,G Grismore; Marshron Table,D Ward; Nonnel,D Ross.
12th--TROT, NW400PSCD, 4,000, 1 MI
N V Jay,D Ross; Just Plain Dennis,S Cox; V-Mart Bill,R Tharps; Agincourt,J Pantaleano; Anastasia Broadway,J Conger; Crossing Over,W Bercury; Incredibly Fast,J Fout; Shipps Supercruise,T Jones; Marjoto,L Merriman.
13th--PACE, 6000CL NW2, 2,400, 1 MI
Reward,R Tharps; Judge Paul,C Brown; Ranchwood Francis,W Irvine; Arizona Osborne,M Konesky; Hot-Rod Sahbra,G Grismore; Samuel Adams,K Holliday; I'mahumdinger,A Merriman; Cadet's Cadence,D Fisher; Gainesville,J Pantaleano.
14th--PACE, NW200PSCD, 2,000, 1 MI
Cool Joe Ayds,J Fout; Handsome John,R Tharps; Dyrektable,B Sturgeon; Pc Powered,D Mc Kirgan; New Riegel Noble,C Wyers; Windy Beach,W Irvine; In The Purple N,A Merriman; Point and Shoot,D Ward; C G Dancer,K Holliday.
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