1994 to 2001
The state roads paved, and amounts the city of Youngstown spent to pave them, between 1994 and 2001 -- which the city wants reimbursed by the Ohio Department of Transportation:
Year RouteBoundaries City spending1994 U.S. 422 Madison Avenue to Belmont Avenue$52,200State Route 7 Eastbound Service Road to Rayen Avenue$34,5001995 State Route 625Sheridan Road to Interstate 680 $27,5001996U.S. Route 62/Arden Boulevard to Lanterman Bridge$9,000State Route 625 U.S. Route 62/Lanterman Bridge to Rogers Road$8,500State Route 625 1998 U.S. Route 62/422Madison Avenue freeway approach slabs$32,500State Route 625 Glenwood Avenue to Midlothian Boulevard$59,0001999State Route 289Truesdale Avenue to Gladstone Street$23,1002000 State Route 289Truesdale Avenue to Rigby Street$24,7002001 State Route 289Shehy to Rigby streets $24,500 Grand total of spending $295,500Source: City of Youngstown Public Works Department

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