Marriage licenses
Brian C. Tyree, 25, of 3900 B Carson Salt Springs Road, Newton Falls, and Stephany R. Ferguson, 21, of 315 Mary Ave., Northwood.
Carl J. Ranttila, 62, of 1140 E. Park Drive, Brookfield, and Marilyn R. Rodgers, 60, of same.
Rodney D. Click, 35, of 838 Maryland N.W., Warren, and Dawn M. Roueche, 29, of same.
Richard L. Ballard, 22, of 646 Commerce Ave., Warren, and Nicole D. Brown, 21, of same.
William R. Tyndall, 47, of 44 Navajo Trail, Girard, and Barbara A. Hartman, 47, of 2202 Goleta Ave., Youngstown.
Shawn A. Hughes, 29, of 170 Westgate Drive, Newton Falls, and Jessica L. Popovich, 22, of same.
Steven P. Yurga, 26, of 314 Lincoln Ave., Niles, and Veronica Wadsworth, 29, of 683 Clifton Drive, Warren.
William C. Sypert III, 36, of 3180 Roselawn, Niles, and Joy Hostutler, 32, of same.
Tyler J. Lowe, 18, of 6422 Spencer Clark Road, Fowler, and Erica A. Tulanko, 19, of 1910 Beaver Trail, Mineral Ridge.
Larry A. Wilmoth, 55, of 2862 Parkman Road N.W., Warren, and Patricia J. Collins, 43, of same.
Lawrence F. Garm Jr., 38, of 979 French St., Sharon, Pa., and Rachelle K. Butch, 34, of 835 Knobwood Road, Hermitage, Pa.
Divorces asked
David E. Reider vs. Carmella L. Reider.
Tracy Clutter vs. John P. Clutter.
Yvonne Jackson Collier vs. Brandon M. Collier.
Richard S. Smelko vs. Janet L. Smelko.
Linda Brocious vs. Thomas Brocious.
David L. White vs. Sheri White.
Gary W. Gwinn vs. Arlene E. Gwinn.
Trish Tenney vs. Dennis Tenney.
Divorces granted
Angela Williams vs. Rodney E. Williams, divorce to plaintiff.
Jane Henry vs. George Henry, divorce to both.
Stephen Gibson vs. Loretta L. Gibson, divorce to both.
Lisa McGuire vs. Patrick J. McGuire, divorce to plaintiff.
Joseph M. Smilkovich vs. Catherine Smilkovich, divorce to both.
Dissolutions asked
Brian Trickett and Heather L. Trickett.
Fabio S. Sartini and Dina L. Sartini.
Janaire Battee and Ivan Battee.
Timothy Wilkoff and Barbara Wilkoff.
Gregory Mientkiewicz and Alice Mientkiewicz.
Stephanie Slusher and John L. Slusher.
Sherrie Murphy and David W. Murphy.
Brenda Herrick and Christopher Herrick.
Robin L. Cooper and Roger L. Cooper.
Dawn Corrigan and Dean Corrigan.
Dissolutions granted
Rachel Holschuh and Larry Holschuh.
Cheryl K. George and Myron L. George.
Rodney Croyle and Mary T. Croyle.
Timothy Carthen and April Brown.
Wendy Krueger and Michael Krueger.
Angela Phillips and Gary S. Phillips II.
Leonard Bergana and Gary S. Bergana.
Paul Myers and Susan Myers.
Greg Alberini and Angela M. Alberini.
Edy Salazar and Lori K. Salazar.
Mark A. Angelo and Jessica A. Angelo.
Marilyn Young and Russell Young.
Sherry Parks and William J. F. Parks.
Brandon Hall and Morgan Hall.
Cases dismissed
Deborah Anderson vs. Thomas Shay.
Monique Tate vs. Otis J. Colvin.
Roberta Palmer vs. Donald J. Palmer.
Connie Reidmann vs. Michael J. Reidmann.
Diane M. Gruver vs. Theodore E. Gruver.
Kimberly Whitten vs. Roy Morgan.
Larry G. Hines vs. Faye G. Hines.
Julianna Currier vs. Raymond Queen.
Court protection orders filed
Trish Tenney vs. Dennis J. Tenney.
Janet S. Fultz vs. Clinton H. Fultz.
Reiko Humphrey vs. Chris E. Humphrey.
New complaints
Ameriquest Mort. Corp. vs. Cornelius J. Smith Jr., foreclosure.
Copelco Capital Inc. vs. Warren Medical Group, foreclosure.
William R. Biviano vs. Micro Doctor Inc., other civil.
Roy D. Phifer Jr. vs. Kenneth Wagner, other torts.
Andrew Blomstrom vs. State Farm Fire, other civil.
Joseph Jovenall vs. Zerco Systems International, other civil.
Second National Bank vs. Sherry Nicopolois, foreclosure.
Carla T. Stubbs vs. Ronald Hampton, other civil.
Donna Medwick vs. Trumbull Memorial Hospital, workers' compensation.
Second National Bank vs. Frank E. Skinner Jr., foreclosure.
Second National Bank vs. Valerie J. Manson, foreclosure.
Joan F. Dillie vs. Brand Insulation, workers' compensation.
Susan Skolnick vs. Cincinnati Ins. Co., other civil.
Patricia Crooks vs. L.E. Cross Co., other civil.
Washington Mutual Bank vs. Martin Huff Jr., foreclosure.
Home Savings & amp; Loan Co. vs. Kathryn L. Zapka, foreclosure.
National City Mortgage Co. vs. Kristi L. Johnson, foreclosure.
Bank One vs. Denise McClean, foreclosure.
Bank One vs. Velma Wilkes et al, foreclosure.
Sara J. Bostic et al vs. Melissa Jacobsen, other torts.
Daniel S. C. Weaver vs. Forum Health et al, other torts.
Sky Bank vs. Jared A. Dyling, other civil.
Russell Miner vs. G. Thomas Noakes DDS, professional tort.
Mortgage Electronics vs. Leo J. Violatte, foreclosure.
Chase Manhattan Bank vs. Brian Bates et al, foreclosure.
J. P. Morgan Chase Bank vs. Brian K. Bates et al, foreclosure.
Christine M. Bury vs. Big Lots, other torts.
Wuyuni V. Wan-Tatah vs. Grange Mutual Casualty Co., other torts.
Nancy Pachell vs. Howell Industries Inc., workers' compensation.
American General Finance vs. Scott E. Andrews et al, Citibank N.A. Trustee vs. Richard Huber et al, foreclosure.
Thomas Milligan vs. Trumbull Memorial, other torts.
Karen Herlinger vs. Michael Krivonick, other torts.
Darryl L. Black vs. Board of Mecca Twp., other civil.
James Stemock vs. Henry Yoder, other civil.
Raymond Boyd vs. Remington Freight Lines, workers' compensation.
Tharnia L. Green vs. Carmen Dedonato III, other torts.
Andreas Chichase vs. Charles McKinley et al, other torts.
Russell Moser vs. Tim Mulligan, other civil.
Ameriquest Mort. Co. vs. Angela Shelly, foreclosure.
Firstar Bank vs. William Swearman, foreclosure.
Bank of New York vs. Lisa D. Shaffer, foreclosure.
John D. Smith vs. Diane Beasley et al, other torts.
Robert Hladiovs. Trumbull Mahoning Medical, other torts.
Joyce Boyle vs. James Infante, other torts.
Daniel Snipes vs. Vincent Thornsberry, other torts.
David B. Horton vs. Evelyn Coleman, other torts.
Sky Bank vs. Leo Long Sr., other civil.
Gloria Nauman et al vs. Zurich American Ins. Co., other civil.
Joseph R. Ula vs. Ace Insurance, other civil.
Larry C. Losey et al vs. LTV Steel Co., workers' compensation.
GMAC Mortgage Corp. vs. Monica Fauvie, foreclosure.
GMAC Mortgage Corp. vs. Norma Webb et al, foreclosure.
Bank of New York vs. Gerald H. White et al, foreclosure.
J.P. Morgan Chase Bank vs. Mary K. Sanker, foreclosure.
Deutsche Bank International vs. Donald McClosey, foreclosure.
Provident Band vs. Aaron Dukes et al, foreclosure.
John Athanasen vs. Gail Holsinger, other civil.
Joseph Divieste vs. Thomas Yount, foreclosure.
Second National Bank vs. Bethany Financial, foreclosure.
Linda C. Molinaro vs. Charles Adya, other torts.
Mellon Bank vs. Gerald M. Gulosh, foreclosure.
Huntington National Bank vs. Timothy D. Burcaw, foreclosure.
Bank of New York vs. Scott D. Burk, foreclosure.
Home Savings & amp; Loan Co. vs. J.B. Contractors Ltd., foreclosure.
Chase Manhattan Mortgage vs. Betty J. Yeager, foreclosure.
Clarence Faulkerson vs. Garden Gate Produce, settled and dismissed.
Carol Martof vs. Kay Hovis, settled and dismissed.
Heather Barr vs. Patricia Spelich, settled.
Bank One NA vs. Michael P. Julian Jr., confirmation of sale.
Susan Comparato vs. Fred F. Comparato Sr., dismissed.
Second National Bank vs. Terrence L. Manley, confirmation of sale.
First Place Bank vs. Shirley R. McManus, confirmation of sale.
Willie J. Watson executor vs. Forum Health dba, verdict for defendant.
Pam Bogen vs. Richard E. Edwards, dismissed.
Lisa Yauger vs. Cheryl Matone, settled and dismissed.
Benny Gipson vs. L.T. Boccia Construction, dismissed.
Bank One NA vs. Bruce R. Logan, foreclosure.
Trumbull County Treasurer vs. Louis Bonifacio, dismissed.
Megan R. Munroe vs. Jessica L. Black, settled and dismissed.
Bank of New York vs. Bonita L. McVicker, foreclosure.
Trumbull County Treasurer vs. Daniel D. Miller, foreclosure.
Second National bank vs. Jeffrey S. Raymond, foreclosure.
Russell A. Karr vs. Charles I. Swartz, summary judgment.
Bank of America NA vs. William R. Bartmann, dismissed.
Empire Mortgage IX Inc. vs. Linda R. Marko, settled and dismissed.
Champion Molded Plastics vs. Elyria Foundry, dismissed.
Charter One Bank FSB vs. Larry E. McCale et al, foreclosure.
Midfirst Bank vs. Nathaniel A. Molden, settled and dismissed.
Bank One NA vs. Earle M. Pfund Jr., dismissed.
Trumbull County Treasurer vs. John Bach, dismissed.
Andrew Hartman vs. Randall G. Hartman, settled.
U.S. Bank NA vs. Daniel Calhoun, confirmation of sale.
Countrywide Home Loans vs. Anthony J. Dugan, confirmation of sale.
Brenda Pritz vs. General Motors, judgment for defendant.
Bank One vs. Barbara E. Bond, confirmation of sale.
Raymond D. Kline vs. Amweld Building Products, settled.
David Tate vs. Girard Municipal Court, dismissed.
Fairbanks Capital vs. Steven L. Williams, foreclosure.
Linda L. Everman vs. American States Insurance, dismissed.
David Schwartz vs. Oxford Automotive, dismissed.
Washington Mutual Bank vs. Thomas J. Houser et al, foreclosure.
Sky Bank vs. Shirley A. Bartram, default granted.
Trumbull County Treasurer vs. Evelyn Neal, foreclosure.
Citifinancial Mortgage Inc. vs. Shawn M. Flanigan, default judgment denied.
Permanent General vs. John Baksa Jr., default granted.
Huntington National Bank vs. David L. Casto, summary judgment granted.
BA Mortgage LLC vs. Thomas J. Eckenrode, dismissed.
Hastings Mutual Insurance vs. Hanson Inc., dismissed.
Kelly McCracken vs. John Damico, judgment for plaintiff.
Richard W. Shawke Jr. vs. Elwood Engineered Casting, settled.
Bank One NA vs. Edward C. Mahan, settled.
Estate of Karaline vs. Intex Manufacturing, dismissed.
Jack W. Weir vs. GATX, settled and dismissed.
Richard Fleming vs. Steve Baskin, settled and dismissed.
First Place Bank vs. Cory D. Lucas, confirmation of sale.
Sara Busacca vs. Maguire and Schneider, dismissed.
Saldi Inc. vs. Dominic J. Iandimarino, summary judgment.
Farmers National Bank vs. Deborah J. Crepage, confirmation of sale.
Trumbull County Treasurer vs. Parcels of Land, amended confirmation of sale.
Countrywide Home Loans vs. Deirdre L. Code, foreclosure.
Bank One NA vs. Robert F. Kornmueller, foreclosure.
Malinda Murray vs. Robert W. Woodruff Jr., dismissed.
Janet L. Arnal vs. George J. Vanderkaay, dismissed.
Wells Fargo Bank vs. Roger Grubb, foreclosure.
Household Realty Corp. vs. Susan M. Cribley, default granted.
Trumbull County Treasurer vs. Janet L. Provitt, foreclosure.
State Farm Mutual Auto vs. Charles E. Villers, default granted.
Motorists Mutual Insurance vs. Amy Powell, judgment for plaintiff.
Mortgage Electronic vs. Marian A. Canann, foreclosure.
Ashlee A. Carone vs. Robert Miller III, dismissed.
Margaret H. May vs. Douglas L. Dietelbach, dismissed.
Ronald W. Cook vs. Ila K. Messersmith, settled and dismissed.
Jennifer H. Wojtowicz vs. Donald Russell, settled and dismissed.
Atlantic Mortgage vs. Mitchell D. Seawood, judgment entry.
Paul Pyszniak vs. Gilbert Khawli, settled and dismissed.
Randy L. Rininger vs. Steven M. Albanese, settled and dismissed.
Dorthy M. Holko vs. Myrna Knapp, settled and dismissed.
Alice A. Conway vs. General Motors Packard, settled.
Altegra Credit vs. Donald E. Ware, foreclosure.
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage vs. Ernest N. Norton, foreclosure.
Trumbull County Treasurer vs. Parcels of land, confirmation of sale.
Trumbull County Treasurer vs. Jody J. Trump, foreclosure
Karen G. Frantz vs. Erminio Catignani, settled and dismissed.
Hugh E. Howard vs. Connie L. Yeager, dismissed.
Conseco Finance vs. Richard L. Simkins, foreclosure.
Luella S. Cline vs. Ammar, settled and dismissed.
Amy L. Westfall Kellar vs. Frederick Sanders, dismissed.
Trumbull County Treasurer vs. Kevin P. Wyndham, foreclosure.
Sky Bank vs. Terri L. Strom, judgment for plaintiff.
Mortgage Electronic vs. Derrick D. Beachum, foreclosure.
U.S. Bank NA vs. Scott A. Nevel et al, foreclosure.
John W. Mrus vs. Ernie Norton, judgment for plaintiff.
Trumbull County Treasurer vs. Dennis E. Richards, foreclosure.
Bank of America NA vs. Jameson W. Gibson, foreclosure.
Nannicola Inc. vs. Art Knox, judgment for plaintiff.
Divorces asked
Marci Zegerelli, 13330 McCormick Run Road, Lisbon vs. Regan Seigley, Randolph, Ohio.
Divorces granted
Deborah Protz vs. Andrew Protz.
Amy Rosenbaum vs. Kraig Rosenbaum.
Brian Booth vs. Rosemary Booth.
Angie Ramsey vs. Richard Ramsey.
Randy Dillard vs. Mary Dillard.
Dissolutions asked
Thomas Coplin, 16090 Martha St., East Liverpool, and Misty Coplin, of same.
Terri Gist, 1104 1/2 Oliver St., East Liverpool, and Carl Gist, 465 First Ave., East Liverpool.
New complaints
Kevin Kober vs. Jim Layne, money.
Access Financial vs. Thomas Clayton, money.
Sky Bank vs. Mark Smith, money.
Real estate
Martha McLaughlin to Joseph Vuksta, Perry Twp., $70,000.
Scott Marks to Ola Crisp, St. Clair Twp., $28,000.
Loi Tran to Gerald Huston, St. Clair Twp., $35,000.
Ruth Ziegler to Mary Westover, Salem Twp., $74,000.
Cecil Conkle to BDH Enterprises, New Waterford, $150,000.
Dwight Waefler to Aron Martin, West Twp., $130,000.

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