Better to save than spend

Better to save than spend
What a tragedy that the pillars of our society, our school administrators and superintendents, along with our politicians, must revert to such underhanded tactics to get funding to run their particular departments because of revenue shortages or mishandling of funds.
Then our taxpayers are offended by the celebrations of these leaders for winning a tax levy, and costing the taxpayers more money. It would be so much better if they would celebrate that they had saved the taxpayer money, by being thrifty or responsible in their spending.
But as a taxpayer I know that our politicians, park board, county, state and school boards, etc., want to or must spend every dollar they get. However with inflation each and every year they will need more and more funding. Our politicians in the future may ask us to contribute all of our income to taxes and if there is anything left over they will return some to us, for our families to use.
I propose that we need to do what my father told me, to live below your means. If all our governing boards would do this, and keep their hands out of the till, and put aside 10 percent of everything, our great grandchildren wouldn't have to pay taxes any longer. Just think: All of our agencies would be self supporting. Fat chance, huh.
Some cases defy justice
I do not believe any words have been created that could fully express the tragic loss of a child, especially when the life of a child has been taken though senseless violence, abuse or neglect.
For years I have read about all the studies conducted to understand the minds of people who kill, and to this day the answer eludes me.
It is my personal belief that while the soul is invisible to the human eye it does share a partnership with the human mind. I also believe that good and evil touch shoulders and those who really believe in a "Higher Power" strive for good to overpower evil in a continuous battle.
For all the loved ones who grieve for their children who were cheated out of life through violence, take comfort in knowing you hold a spot in the thoughts, in the hearts, and in the prayers of those who love children and love and respect human life.
There can never be complete justice for victims or their loved ones when a life has been lost through violence because human life cannot be replaced, unlike property or material things.
The times that I have been asked by family members or friends to deliver an eulogy, I start each eulogy by saying "today heaven has another angel," and I say the name of the deceased. To those who grieve for the loss of their children I hope and pray you find some comfort in knowing you do have an angel.
Since I will never understand how anyone could ever harm anyone, especially a child, I keep remembering what a very wise person told me years ago, which was: "Unanswered questions are the direct result of senseless action."
Flush away spending
I just finished reading Gov. Taft's tax proposal and am astonished that he forgot something that can also be taxed. How about installing meters on everyone's toilet? We could all pay every time we flush. I bet a flush tax was not even thought about by the governor and his staff.
Or how about this? No money in the budget? Cut spending!