'Zero tolerance' strikes Wisconsinite as wussy

'Zero tolerance' strikes Wisconsinite as wussy
I love living in this Valley, but having spent 10 years in Wisconsin, I am having a difficult time understanding why we are closing schools when the temperatures are around zero. It's one thing when the roads are dangerous, but cold? I would propose that if a child does not have the outer garments to wear, their parents be responsible to make the decision to keep them at home. But to penalize the whole school system because of the frigid temperatures, I believe, is sending a perilous message to our children. It says when we face adversity, we walk away, quit, and close down, instead of teaching them, to prepare, adapt and overcome. Yes, they might get cold standing at a bus stop or walking to school, but life is full of adversities. We need to teach our children to rise above them. In this case put on a few more layers of clothing.
Tech Prep shouldn't fall victim to budget cuts
The news from Columbus regarding the upcoming massive $720 million state budget deficit is not good. One of the main areas of focus for spending reduction to balance the budget is unfortunately in education. This will make Ohio less competitive in job creation and retention in the future. The state has developed some inventive educational programs to increase the state's competitive edge in the job market.
One of these programs is the College Tech Prep program for high school juniors and seniors. The program promotes the seamless transfer from secondary schools to an associate or bachelor's degree in a variety of fields. Local students can earn articulated credit at Youngstown State University for work accomplished at the high school level. Numerous university courses that are eligible for articulated credit have been established for engineering tech prep students at YSU's School of Technology under the direction of its director, Dr. William Wood. The local program, which is instructed by Dave Adrams in the Mahoning area, enjoys an excellent reputation at the state level.
I received many positive comments about the College Tech Prep programs in the Mahoning Area when I served on the business, industry, and labor advisory panel reviewing the state engineering tech prep curriculum The senior class of the local engineering tech prep program is housed at YSU and enjoys the use of its facility. Additionally, the program benefits from the support of Dr. Cynthia S. Hirtzel, dean of the William Rayen College of Engineering and Technology. I will be writing to my state representative, Dan Sferra of the 64th District, requesting that he support the Tech Prep program and funding for YSU at the state level.
Lop off the chowder heads
I noted with interest a few days ago that the watchdogs of the public trough granted a raise to some public employees that will add over $100,000 annually to the gallons of red ink flowing in Mahoning County.
I fail to see any justification for granting already well paid employees $1 per hour-plus raises which translate to $40 weekly, without overtime. Average Social Security increases were less than $10 per month.
We have a layoff of safety forces and more to come! This is necessary and must be done, but to give any other employee a raise while doing this is morally repugnant and goes to prove how little these officials care about the taxpayers.
Until the budget is balanced there should be wage freezes or cuts and no increase in taxes. Vote these chowder head out and get someone who understands the theory of spending only what you can afford. Don't spend and expect to confiscate more from an already over burdened taxpayer. When I run out of money, I stop spending!
New Springfield