Some advice
If you want to fluff your own home, here are some tips from redesigners Vicki Dye and Virginia Fenrick as well as Joan Steffend of HGTV's "Decorating Cents":
Invite a friend to help you -- and you can reciprocate -- so there is someone with a fresh eye who sees your old belongings in a new way.
Remove the clutter -- including papers and magazines from all horizontal surfaces. This simple step can transform a room.
Add greenery for a new dimension of color and texture.
Angle the furniture for a new look.
Group like things together -- such as placing all your silver-framed pictures in one spot -- for a more dramatic look.
Vary heights of items for visual interest.
Aim for a focal point -- such as grouping furniture around the fireplace in a sitting room.
Consider the other rooms of your house. Would that brown rug look better in the den?
Add candles and pillows, rugs and lots of lamps for a warm and cozy feel.
Source: Knight Ridder Newspapers

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