Sam the sea lion swam
Silently through the seaweed.
South to San Francisco
Then back to the seashore in San Diego.
Thomas Harrington
Grade 4
Looking Out the Window
I look out the window and what do I see?
A big bird looking back at me
It sings and sings.
And then it stops.
It flies away to a tree.
To the very top.
Matthew Cordona
Grade 4
Mary Haddow Elementary
There once was a guy named Stu
His favorite color was blue.
When Stu got home
He gave his dog a bone
And that's all he had to do.
Michael G. Rich
Grade 3
Stadium Drive Elem. School
X KIDS: Please don't write poems longer than 50 words. Be sure your teacher or a parent signs your entry so we know you thought it up yourself. We'll need that adult's address and phone number -- just for verification, not for publication. You must be 12 or under. Print your name, grade, school and address clearly on your poem. Send it to MiniPage Billboard, in care of The Vindicator.

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