BOATING The secret to happiness is on the water

Stay healthy. Buy a boat.
Searching for the secret to happiness? Buy a boat. That's the answer according to a recent survey conducted by the Impulse Research Corporation.
The survey of more than 1,000 men and women by the Impulse Research Corporation concludes that boaters average nearly 71/2 hours per week in active recreation, compared to less than 51/2 hours for non-boaters. Non-boaters also have a higher average of hospital visits than boaters (14 percent, compared to 11 percent).
In addition to physical benefits associated with boating, boat owners generally rated the overall quality of their lives about 5 percent higher than non-boaters did. Boat owners also generally expressed satisfaction with their accomplishments, relations with their families and their ability to enjoy life. More non-boat owners professed to feeling useless, lonely, unhappy or excessively fatigued at times. Some of the other findings of the survey:
UMore boat owners stated they had excellent or good health (83 percent) as compared to non-boat owners (77 percent).
U67 percent of boat owners said having a boat contributed to their well-being.
UBoat owners experienced a higher percentage of self-esteem (a difference of 10 percent) and had the ability to enjoy life more than non-boaters did (a difference of 9 percent).
UNon-boat owners seemed more prone to feeling useless (8 percent higher), lonely (7 percent higher), unhappy (5 percent higher) and fatigued (4 percent higher).
UTwo-thirds of boat owners said owning a boat had brought their families closer together.
U89 percent of boat owners said the benefits of owning a boat helped them enjoy the outdoors. They also said it helped them spend time on the water (85 percent), gave them the time to unwind and helped them leave the pressures of everyday life behind (79 percent) and find tranquility (71 percent).
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