Marriage licenses
Michael D. Sunseri, 29, Las Vegas, and Paulette E. White, 30, of same.
Paul C. Moracco, 25, of 60 N. Raccoon Road #9, Austintown, and Jessica M. Sotlar, 24, of 505 N. Heights Ave., Lowellville.
Brian M. Zone, 25, of 1853 Lancaster, Youngstown, and Amy M. Brinsko, 26, of 40 Howard Ave., Austintown.
Anthony W. Thalacker, 23, of 18078 Hillcrest Drive, Lake Milton, and Amanda L. Bednarcik, 23, of same.
Gregory C. Banks, 52, of 74 Whitman Lane, Youngstown, and Levon Martinez, 46, of same.
Rex A. Luckage, 42, of 5404 W. Rockwell Road, Youngstown, and Debra L. Kollat, 48, of same.
Gene M. McCoy, 20, of 9520 South Ave. Ext., Poland, and Kristy L. McNally, 20, of 12 Southwoods Ave. #2, Boardman.
Divorces asked
Cheryl A. Pete, 2662 Volney Road, Youngstown, vs. Ezell R. Pete, 384 Chicago Ave., Youngstown.
Ann M. Peterson, 110 Steel St., Youngstown, vs. Jeremy V. Peterson, 110 S. Maryland Ave., Youngstown.
Jeffrey L. Cox, 4795 Center Road, Lowellville, vs. Nicole J. Cox, Jupiter, Fla.
New complaints
County treasurer vs. unknown heirs, devisees et al of Rosina Albanese, dec., taxes, assessments, penalties and interest, foreclosure and relief.
County treasurer vs. Raymond R. Prisby III et al, taxes, assessments, penalties and interest, foreclosure and relief.
Union Federal Bank of Indianapolis et al vs. John K. Fockler Jr. et al, foreclosure.
Altegra Credit Co. vs. Antonio L. Host et al, foreclosure.
U.S. Bank NA et al vs. Abraham Pagan Jr. et al, foreclosure.
Marlene C. Stewart et al vs. Ashley R. Dowdell, money.
Youngstown Electric Supply vs. West Point Electric et al, money.
Ameriquest Mortgage vs. Alfred B. Miller et al, money.
Ryan McCabe et al vs. Charles A. Muth et al, money.
Madaline C. Balogh vs. Omni Manor Inc. et al, workers' compensation.
Vincent Oddo et al vs. Keffler Bridge Inc., money.
Sandra Burlock et al vs. National Freight et al, money.
Chrissie L. Burrows et al vs. Clayton M. Chaszeyka et al, money.
Evangelita M. Brown vs. Ryan T. Davis, money.
John D. Hoffman vs. Joyce E. Jenkins, money.
Annie L. Hunter et al vs. Quincy D. Denson et al, money.
Docket entries
State vs. Patrick R. Hart, court imposes 90 days community control and sentences to 90 days, convicted of escape.
Same vs. Patrick Hart, sentenced to 90 days and 90 days community control, convicted for grand theft.
Charter One Bank FSB vs. Robert A. Scarnecchia et al, judgment rendered vacated and case dismissed.
Bud Maimone vs. Premier Bldg. Systems Inc., dismissed.
Julie Macomber et al vs. Robert Macomber et al, settled.
Citifinancial Mortgage vs. Unknown heirs of Alfred C. Forester et al, confirmation and distribution.
Bankers Trust vs. Robert A. Scarnecchia et al, dismissed.
Towne Management vs. Jeffrey A. Ely, dismissed.
Charles E. Henderson vs. Antwanette C. Williams, settled.
John D. Amabeli vs. Edward Brunie, settled.
Farmers National Bank vs. Ronnie E. Edwards, dismissed.
County treasurer vs. John W. Rutana et al, foreclosure.
Norwest Bank vs. Kenneth J. Penwell et al, foreclosure.
Equicredit Corp. of America vs. Glynnis Hallman et al, foreclosure and order of sale.
Charter One Bank FSB vs. Charles A. Byo et al, foreclosure and order of sale.
State Farm Mutual Auto Insurance et al vs. Crystal G. McDonald, judgment for plaintiffs.
State Farm Mutual Auto Insurance et al vs. Samantha Mayar, judgment for plaintiffs.
Triad Financial Corp. vs. Tangela Cox, judgment for plaintiff.
Elizabeth A. Catledge et al vs. American Select Insurance, satisfied.
Vicki L. Harris vs. Richard E. Mills et al, settled.
State vs. William L. Cummins aka Melvin Love, dismissed.
County treasurer vs. Isaac Realty Co., confirmation of sale.
Bank of New York vs. John L. Harper et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.
Metropolitan National Bank vs. Jonathan S. Clark et al, confirmation of sale.
Wells Fargo vs. Thomas R. Schmidt et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.
Carole Papini vs. William Ballas, settled.
Beneficial Ohio vs. Norman F. Clay et al, confirmation.
Bankers Trust of California vs. Jack C. Hensley Jr. et al, foreclosure.
Sky Bank fka Mahoning National Bank vs. Linda Browne etal, default judgment for plaintiff.
County treasurer vs. Mary A. Jonesco et al, foreclosure.
Fairbanks Capital Corp. vs. Michael Vargo et al, foreclosure.
Sky Bank vs. Terry L. Thompson et al, dismissed.
Homecoming Financial vs. William Molina et al, foreclosure.
Chase Mortgage vs. Charles A. Murphy et al, foreclosure.
John Paullette et al vs. Dominion East Ohio Inc. et al, dismissed.
Harry Ferranti vs. Trina Bates, dismissed.
Ray Rygiel vs. Pete Cervone Jr. et al, settled.
Citibank South Dakota NA vs. Virginia Collins, discharged.
State vs. Tyrell Oliver, sentenced to five years community control and to complete residential program at CCA with other conditions, for felonious assault.
Same vs. Timothy G. Wallis, granted six months probation.
Same vs. Gary J. Greenwalt aka Lloy, put on one year community control with other conditions.
Same vs. Zaccheus James et al, granted two years probation with other conditions.
Same vs. Edward Roland Jr., sentenced to three years for robbery and three years from firearm specification, to run consecutively.
Jonathan Hoskins, sentenced to one year for forgery and tampering with records.
Liberty Savings Bank FSB vs. Kathleen F. Ohl et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.
Marilyn Vuletich vs. Scott A. Stack et al, settled.
Donald P. Scott vs. Flonerra Harris, settled.
Roberta L. Coy vs. Rita M. Burke, settled.
Tina Carline vs. Estate of Jeff N. Brownell et al, settled.
Arlene Curran vs. Globe American Casualty et al, settled.
Principal Residential Mortgage vs. James L. Glidewell et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.
Louis G. Dinardo et al vs. Andrew J. Biestel et al, dismissed.
Ramona Martin vs. Briarfield Life Care Center et al, settled.
Joseph Bengala vs. John Doe Driver et al, summary judgment.
First Place Bank vs. Isabel N. Vieitez et al, dismissed.
Ameriquest Mortgage vs. James Tucker et al, confirmation of sheriff's sale and distribution.
Citifinancial Mortgage vs. Marlane Kotch et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.
Manufacturers and Traders vs. Daryl Brobst et al, dismissed.
James N. Gasior vs. Hynes Ind. Inc. et al, dismissed.
Equicredit Corp. of America vs. Thelma Palmer et al, judgment entry and decree.
Leader Mortgage LLC, vs. Jason L. Whitehead et al, judgment and decree.
American Express vs. Daniel E. Teminsky, default judgment for plaintiff.
Huntington National Bank vs. James Stuchell, dismissed.
First Star Bank of Milwaukee vs. Theresa A. Marshall et al, dismissed.
State vs. Lorice Moore, sentenced to 15 years to life with a three-year firearm specification, for complicity to commit murder.
Shirley Selders et al vs. Motorists Mutual Insurance et al, settled.
Shirley A. Jakubovic et al vs. Estate of Samuel C. Savo, settled.
Judith Blackburn, exec. vs. W. Charles Althof, dismissed.
Bankers Trust vs. Louis Slepski et al, dismissed.
Towne Management vs. Jeffrey A. Ely, dismissed.
Kenneth R. Heck vs. Daniel Sebastiani et al, settled.
Bank One vs. Willie M. Fields et al, foreclosure.
Mahoning County Treasurer vs. Judith Adams et al, foreclosure.
Carmelia T. Gooden vs. Raymond Gallaugher Jr. et al, dismissed.
Linda Stanar et al vs. Time Warner Cable et al, settled.
Sky Bank vs. Richard W. Bell et al, dismissed.
Gregory Karas vs. General Motors Corp., settled.
Charlotte Penrose vs. Josephine Hulett et al, dismissed.
Color My World Inc. vs. Robin Warrick, satisfied.
Probate Court
Will of William A. Rankin: estate to wife, Ann.
Will of Morris Mayes aka Morris Mays: estate to wife, Mary.
Will of James M. Gill: estate to children, James M. Gill and Patricia A. Ripple, with specific bequests.
Will of William E. Cunahan: estate to wife, Lucille.
Real estate transfers
The Sylvester Family Ltd. Partnership to Larry Cvetkovich, Beaver Twp., $36,550.
Steve Malutic to Patrick Strange, Campbell, $7,500.
Margaret D. Messer to Joseph M. Messer, Austintown Twp., $39,000.
Michael J. Klacik et al to Charles C. Newton, Canfield Twp., $280,000.
Susan G. Noel to Ronald N. Solvesky et al, Beaver Twp., $170,000.
Patricia Lawrence to Wilhelmina Backus, Youngstown, $34,900.
Brian Kopp to Leannah Willman, Boardman Twp., $67,500.
Paul Longshore to James R. Madres, Youngstown, $49,500.
Shirley A. Jindra, executrix to John E. Faulkner et al, Beaver Twp., $118,000.
Centex Home Equity LLC to Rodney B. Dixon, Youngstown, $10,500.
James J. Santangelo to Holly S. Kane, Youngstown, $60,350.
ASM Investments Inc. to Reed Family Builders, Canfield, $44,450.
Harry E. Rymer to Michael T. Stanish et al, Canfield Twp., $5,000.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 7
Yvette M. Hall, 537 Samuel Ave., Youngstown, caregiver, Turning Point; liabilities, $16,407; assets, $1,690.
Loumanda M. Belcher, 34 Willis Ave., Youngstown, none; liabilities, $29,104; assets, $800.
Emma L. McWilson, 630 W. Delason Ave., Youngstown, private duty nurse; liabilities, $44,705; assets, $24,500.
Randy Kesner, Austintown, corrections officer, Ohio State Pen; liabilities, $137,914; assets, $97,175.
Jennifer J. Tevis, 163 S. Lakeview Ave., Youngstown, bookseller, Barnes & amp; Noble; liabilities, $10,065; assets, $3,885.
Thomas F. and Frances R. Deem, aka Frances R. Donohue, 3156 Dearborn St., Youngstown, he: laborer, YSD Industries Inc.; liabilities, $75,569; assets, $52,678.
Melvin R. McKee III, 2011 Wingate Road, Youngstown, chef, Youngstown Crab; liabilities, $19,650; assets, $1,025.
Richard C. and Deborah D. Pezzenti, 2796 Oran Drive, Youngstown, he: installer, NE Cable; she: data entry, Trumbull Job Services; liabilities, $101,800; assets, $72,860.
Darryl R. McElroy, 452 Southward Drive, Youngstown, none; liabilities, $56,400; assets, $1,158.
Geoffrey A. and Kimberly I. Cox, 9737 Gladstone, Youngster, he; none; she: manager, BP; liabilities, $54,880; assets, $1,260.
Catherine Atterberry, aka Catherine Moncrief, 4006 Monticello Blvd., Apt. 205, Youngstown, secretary, New Hope Academy; liabilities, $58,722; assets, $28,584.

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