From Russia with love

From Russia with love
As an interpreter and a chaperone for the kids who visited America, and as a representative from our whole Belorussian group this summer, I would like to address this thank you letter to all the people who were willing to give their time, attention and help to the children of Chernobyl.
It's been a great pleasure for all of us to stay with our host families, to share new unforgettable experiences of intercultural communication. All the dentists, eye-doctors, physicians and members of the staff, as well as hair-dressers and shop-assistants, have filled our hearts with so much kindness that every visit with a child to any service seemed a holiday. It can be best expressed by a sigh of relief of one little girl after her dental appointment: "You know, I can say I almost enjoyed him drilling!"
And it was really true even in such complicated cases as putting kids or interpreters to sleep for their dental work to be done. My personal sincere gratitude to Drs. Craig F. and Alfred S. Mangie, who relieved me of my badly impacted wisdom teeth, and Dennis Miller of Family Drug, the pharmacist who provided me with all the necessary medication to quicken my recovery. It makes me shiver with horror to think what I would have gone through without this surgery. Natasha Trancheva, another interpreter, joins me in her heartfelt thankfulness to Dr. Mark L. Billy, who provided the same service to her, and Dr. Durick who took care of her other teeth. I also wish to thank Dr. Kathy Houk and Dr. Donald DeChellis for their dental care to me.
Being aware of your advanced level of medical service, we want to say how much we all appreciate your time and donated help. I'm sure no one from our group could get treatment like that back home.
You are really making a difference for these little ones. No effort is ever wasted. Even if they can't communicate what they feel because of the language gap, be sure they value every moment you've spent with them. And their grateful smiles mixed with tears when they have to say good-bye needs no other comment.
You've built a strong bridge across many miles through your hospitality, generosity and love.
God bless you!
X The writer is an interpreter who came to the Mahoning Valley with the Children of Chernobyl this summer. This thank you letter was forwarded to The Vindicator by Bev Lunger of Columbiana, with whom she lived from May through August.
Judge each person fairly
I am writing in regard to two recent items in The Vindicator. The first was a letter Sunday, Sept. 15, headlined "The press doesn't scare good candidates." letter. The second article was David Skolnick's column last Friday. Both items discussed the candidacy of Holly Hanni, who is running for the Ohio Senate.
The letter writer sadly confuses the past actions of Hanni family members with Holly's race for the Senate. The letter writer is committing a grave injustice by judging an individual based on the actions of others. If someone has a problem with Don Hanni, why should Holly have to answer for it?
In Skolnick's article the same can be said about GOP Chairman Smith's actions at the Republican picnic. Smith publicly insulted Holly over the microphone, which only shows he has no class.
Over the past two years, I have watched Holly work very hard for the local GOP. She has brought new life to the party. Holly worked to bring in Rick Lazio, Hillary Clinton's opponent, for the Lincoln Day dinner.
This is America and Holly should be judged on her own merits and accomplishments. She has a master's degree from Youngstown State University and is one of the most intelligent persons I have ever met.
This Valley would benefit greatly from having Holly Hanni represent us in the Ohio Senate, too bad some people are too foolish to realize the error of their ways.