Man is shot in robbery try at his house

FARRELL, Pa. -- Police said a Beechwood Avenue man was shot in the leg during an apparent attempted robbery at his home.
Dan Dragicevic, 25, was treated at UPMC Horizon for a wound to his left leg. Police said the .25-caliber bullet is still in his leg and he may face surgery to have it removed.
Dragicevic told police that a gunman entered his home around 9:30 p.m. Wednesday and demanded to see his safe.
Dragicevic said his girlfriend was in the house, so he led the gunman to the basement, pretending there was a safe there.
When the gunman couldn't find one, he shot Dragicevic, police said.
Dragicevic told police he then led the gunman upstairs to a second-floor bedroom where there was a safe. He opened it but the safe contained only personal papers and no money.
The gunman then left the house and Dragicevic called 911.
Police, thinking the gunman might still be in the house when they arrived, called for backup units to surround the structure while it was searched.
The gunman had already fled, however, police said.

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