A nation under God does not pick fights

A nation under God does not pick fights
Rise up fellow Americans, we are one nation under God. How proud we are to include this as we give the pledge of allegiance. A nation under God does not go out and bomb and murder so-called enemy nations.
Please let the people work out their own problems that have existed for centuries. Do not take policing the world into American hands. If an enemy country stepped in to solve our government's problems, we would rise up as one, we would unite as one, we would fight as one. What makes us think the nation of Iraq or any other nation would be any different?
We are proud to be Americans, proud of our heritage, our history and our struggles to maintain our freedom. Do not take this away from us by making us the aggressors in a world that needs peacemakers and not warmongers. Hear our voices, Mr. President. Our voices cry out to be a nation under God, not an America that uses its military power to destroy each international threat that appears.
Rise up, fellow Americans. Call, write and communicate to our elected officials in Washington. Tell them, we, the little guys, count and we do not want this war to happen.
Township administrator is a high-cost luxury
As a Weathersfield Township precinct committeeman, I started to complain about taxes in the township and my opinion about high-paying salaries and perks for some officials in the township, and I was cut off by the chairman, Fred Bobvnyk. He asked me if I had a question, and when I replied that it's concerning taxes, he cut me off.
I pointed out that we have a good police chief, fire chief and lawyer to protect the township. Just because other townships pay big money for their administrators doesn't mean we have to. We're not a big township, but a spread out one.
We don't need a high-priced administrator. He's too expensive taking into account his salary, PERS(employers share), health insurance, vacation pay, sick time (10 hours a month) and three personal days a year. It all amounts to about $7,000 a month. Add cost of living over the next few years, and the salary inflates pretty good. There is nothing wrong with C.O.L. on low-paying jobs.
In my opinion what we need is a good road superintendent, like we had before an administrator came along.
Societies are worlds apartin how they treat people
A death sentence for adultery?
A graphic image comes to mind of a woman buried to her neck in sand and stoned by fellow citizens. A child instantly an orphan when her mother gasps her last breath. A father freed for lack of evidence. The future of Amina Lawal casts a sadness. What a violation of human rights.
1. Published statistics show that 50 percent of all American marriages end in divorce. A fourth of those are attributed to adultery.
2. The death sentence that convicted violent criminals receive here is lethal injection.
3. D.N.A tests are 99 percent effective in determining parental responsibility.
Bottom Line: To live in the United States of America is truly a privilege.
Mineral Ridge