Penalty for taunting and running: Eat dirt, sonny

Penalty for taunting and running: Eat dirt, sonny
On Sept. 10, I attended a varsity soccer game between Canfield and Poland at Poland. During the second half, two young Canfield fans made a bad decision. No, they didn't steal the 50-50 money or carry the strong box from the concession stand, and they weren't whaling on any of our students. They were on our side of the track, taunting us -- can you imagine? I guess that here in our great suburb of Poland, taunting our team and fans is a major crime.
Now I know that rules are rules, and during sporting events, the track is closed, but I only know this because it was announced a couple of games ago. I've never heard it announced since. Well, the game was stopped, the policeman summoned, and the boys ran as the Canfield fans cheered -- crowd mentality can be intoxicating. The police officer must have been embarrassed that he couldn't catch these two lawbreakers in front of all the soccer fans. When he finally caught up with one of the perpetrators, he executed, as my 11-year-old son so eloquently put it, an awesome take down.
These boys made a bad decision. Should they have stopped? Of course, but who could anticipate that some childish disparaging could turn so ugly.
There are some lessons to be learned here: Don't taunt others at sporting events, stop when being pursued by the police, even if the crowd is cheering you one, and above all, respect the men in blue.
I bet there are two boys that will find this last rule hard to swallow. I wonder what will happen if a real crime is committed. A bit of a scary thought, don't you think?
And don't call him Timmy
I am writing in response to Bertram de Sousa's article in the Sept. 15 Vindicator. I always read his articles and usually enjoy them. However in this article and others in the past on state Sen. Tim Ryan, he never fails to mention that Sen. Ryan wasn't a taxpayer until two years ago. He never mentions that Sen. Ryan graduated college and then went on to graduate law school, which takes a good deal of time.
I have a stepson who didn't pay taxes until 17 months ago because he was going to Youngstown State University until May 2001, when he graduated with honors. While at YSU he was in the Reserve Officers Training Corps and is now representing his country as a lieutenant in the army at Fort Bragg, N.C. I would like to know if Bertram feels that my stepson and thousands of other young sons and daughters have paid enough taxes to allow them to put their lives on the line representing and defending their country for all of us.
Tim Ryan went to college to better himself. After law school he chose to run for state senator and represent our district. He is now the chosen Democratic candidate running for congress. While Bertram acknowledges that the GOP candidate isn't from our Valley, he doesn't mention that the GOP candidate doesn't even live in our district and doesn't pay any taxes in the 17th district (property, sales, or license plate taxes.) The GOP candidate must have the feeling that if you elect me I'll move to your district. If you don't, I will not.
Also, as far as the Labor Day Parade is concerned, why would the Trumbull County Federation of Labor invite the GOP candidate when they are endorsing Tim Ryan? To say that labor is afraid of women while a woman is the president of the Trumbull County Federation of Labor is ludicrous, almost as ludicrous as "you haven't paid enough taxes yet."
As for Bertram calling Sen. Ryan "Timmy," I think he is old enough to be called Mr. or Sen. Ryan. Have some respect for the position that Sen. Ryan was elected to.