LEAVITTSBURG Company sues over waste pact

Warren Recycling says the Connecticut company is in violation of the contract.
LEAVITTSBURG -- A Connecticut company is seeking more than $1.6 million from Warren Recycling Inc.
Waste Conversion Technologies Inc. of Milford, Conn., filed the lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Youngstown, citing breach of contract. It's been assigned to Judge Peter C. Economus.
Anthony DiCenso III of Warren Recycling said it's the Connecticut company that's in violation of the contract.
"This company owes us thousands upon thousands of dollars in services rendered," he said.
He declined to specify an amount.
"They found a cheaper place to go to dispose of their construction debris, and this is their way to try to weasel out of the money they owe us," DiCenso said.
The lawsuit says Waste Conversion receives a fee to take construction and demolition debris. The company separates materials, and the remaining construction and demolition debris is loaded onto rail cars and sent to Warren Recycling's landfill, where WRI unloads it.
"If its rail cars are not returned on a timely basis, Waste Conversion cannot remove the C & amp;D from the facility and must reduce its intake or shut down completely, thereby affecting its revenue," the lawsuit said.
The two companies agreed that WRI would unload the cars within 72 hours, but since March 2002, WRI has failed to do so, the suit says. WRI also began accepting debris from another transfer station within a 50-mile radius of Waste Conversion, in violation of the agreement, it says.
DiCenso said a claim is being prepared against Waste Conversion Technologies.

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