DOWNTOWN Redevelopment agency

The Youngstown Central Area Community Improvement Corp. board handled these items Tuesday:
Talked about whether the commercial revitalization tax deduction under the renewal community program clashes with CIC policy. The tax deductions, up to $10 million on renovated buildings, are for building owners only. The CIC has a six-year lease-to-buy policy on buildings it owns. The policy helps assure that companies are successful before the CIC sells the building. That avoids the agency's having to spend public money to buy back a building if a business fails. Mayor George M. McKelvey urged the CIC to reconsider its policy if it clashes with the tax breaks.
Approved a $6,800 contract with R.T. Vernal Paving and Excavating Inc. of North Lima to pave a portion of the parking lot behind the George V. Voinovich Center. The lot has settled over the past few years, creating a pond of standing water after rain.
Approved an agreement with Cboss Community Network to establish and operate a Web site for the agency, with virtual tours of four CIC-owned buildings, at no cost to the CIC.
Talked about regularly maintaining doorways of empty downtown buildings where trash and odors build up.
Had Artis Gillam Sr., CIC vice president, handle the board meeting while President G. Richard Pavlock recovers from an illness.

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