TITLE HOLDERS Sunsation Fitness & amp; Tanning

Name, body weight, home town, record
Bill Wharry, 165, Lowellville, World Record, teen division, 345 pounds.
*Jeff Peshek, 271, Campbell, World Bench Press Record, 620 pounds.
Charles Venturella, 148, New Castle, Pa., American Bench Press Record, 355 pounds.
*Paul Vargo, 242, Brookfield, American Bench Press Record, 570 pounds.
Mitch Zupko, 275, Campbell, American Record (Police/Fire), 530 pounds.
Greg Tarr, 198, Hubbard, American Record (Police/Fire), 500 pounds.
Blaise Karlovic, 275, Hubbard, American Record, 600 pounds.
Bryan Abeid, 144, Campbell, American Record, 320 pounds.
Paul Prozy, 181, Campbell, American Record, teen division, 400 pounds.
*Spokesmen and models for supplement companies. Jeff Peshek is sponsored by Freak of Nature; Paul Vargo is sponsored by Universal Products.
Source: Eric Rudiak, owner, Sunsation Fitness & amp; Tanning

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