Vignette on a downtown street: driver gets his due

Vignette on a downtown street: driver gets his due
I witnessed something on Tuesday, Sept. 10, that I am sure will interest at least a few of your readers. I took the bus downtown from Boardman to pick up my photos that I had entered in The Vindicator photo contest. With that complete, I took the opportunity to view some of the outdoor art which is on display downtown.
As I admired a photo collage on the front of a vacant building on West Federal Street, I heard a short burst from a police siren. Turning, I saw an officer walking up to a car. I could not hear the driver's voice, but the police officer said, "You ran the red light at Phelps Street. & quot; I had to leave to catch my return bus so I did not get to see the ticket issued, but I'm sure it was.
I know many don't think the police do their job all that well at times, but I think most do a good job. I want to give credit where it is due.
Park Ohio CEO should get share of credit for Ajax
In reference to "Ajax Plant has a new owner" article Sept. 12, Mr. Edward Crawford, CEO of Park Ohio, was omitted.
Mr. Crawford started with one company and has put his company, Park Ohio, on the NASDAQ stock exchange. I am very proud of him and his life story.
As a graduate of Notre Dame College of Cleveland and a friend of Mr. Crawford for many years. I would like to state that he is a man of great competence, integrity, vision and wonderful positive charisma. I have followed his career and watched it soar to great heights.
He is truly a great asset to our community. He should definitely be man of the year for the Trumbull/Mahoning Valley.
Give leaflets a chance
Before the president pulls the diving alarm and submerges our nation and maybe the whole Middle East into a war, he should, with the blessing of the United Nations, execute one last option. That would be printing and dropping all over Iraq, but especially in the military installations, leaflets announcing a gift of $10,000 to every Iraqi in the military and $1 million to every general to participate in the overthrow of the present regime.
The cost would be about $5 billion, compared to $40 billion to $100 billion with a war. Plus, there would be no American casualties and no loss of weapons and resources.
If U.S. has to go it alone against Saddam, so be it
OK, lets get on with it, I am tired of hearing that we are going to get rid of Saddam, either do it or shut up.
Why do we need anyone's help? We are America. We are the strongest in the world. He is a threat to our way of life and to me that is a good enough reason to rid ourselves of him and all that he stands for.
If other countries do not want to help rid the world of another Hitler than so be it. They did nothing when the real Hitler came to power. They cried to America for help.