Dissolutions granted
Cynthia L. Basilon and Brian L. Basilon, wife restores to name of Cynthia L. Shepard.
Loan T. Vang and Chien Tony Pham Sr..
John L. Goss III and Cynthia M. Goss, wife restores to name of Cynthia M. Scott.
Damon Stout and Charlene Stout, wife restores to name of Charlene Mangine.
Gail Friend and Jeffrey J. Friend.
Kimberly D. Peelman and Duane Peelman.
Laurie Myers and Duane Myers.
Douglas Kilgore and Sherryl Kilgore, wife restores to name of Sherryl Robertson.
Michelle Zurasky and Gary Zurasky, wife restores to name of Michelle Loveland.
Brian L. Milligan and Deanna E. Milligan.
Christopher Pees and Christine Pees.
Margaret L. Matthews and Ronald J. Matthews Sr.
Jacqueline H. McCabe and Michael L. McCabe II.
Charlotte Pappada and James Pappada, wife restores to name of Charlotte Kovach.
Divorces granted
Joseph P. Perry vs. Treva A. Perry, divorce to plaintiff.
Josei Hall vs. Miles Hall Jr., divorce to plaintiff.
Dianne C. Rouan vs. Robert J. Rouan, divorce to plaintiff.
Marie Friend vs. Randall B. Friend, divorce to both.
Caren R. Solomon vs. Ervin B. Solomon, divorce to both.
Walter P. Paladino vs. Valarie R. Paladino, divorce to plaintiff.
Catherine Camarata vs. J. Bryan Camarata, divorce to both.
Docket entries
Carol Zobitz vs. Linda Nickels, settled.
Cassandra L. Nelson vs. Personal Service Insurance, settled.
County treasurer vs. Gulch Estates Ltd., distribution of funds.
William Miller vs. James D. Mrus, settled.
G.E. Capital Mortgage Services vs. Cledis W. Eldridge et al, foreclosure.
Russell Hippo vs. Rebecca Reese et al, settled.
Tony Iamurri vs. Ryan A. Berry, dismissed.
Aim Leasing vs. Northcoast Transportation, judgment for plaintiff.
Trumbull County Treasurer vs. Kenneth W. Miller, dismissed.
Mortgage Electronic vs. Richard P. Delvecchio, dismissed.
Nathaliah E. Carver vs. Cyril M. Phillips, settled.
U.S. Bank NA vs. Daniel Calhoun, foreclosure.
Gordon Proctor, director, vs. United Telephone, distribution of funds.
State Farm Mutual vs. Kenneth C. Wright III, dismissed.
Commercial Financial Corp. vs. Robert l. Chestnut, dismissed.
Martin Pelayo vs. Roger Warner, settled.
Paul A. Pope vs. General Motors Corp., judgment on verdict.
Robert Cregar vs. Ohio Plumbing and Hardware, settled.
Debra L. Campana vs. Beverage Tunnel Drive, dismissed.
Leslie B. Benson vs. Kenneth Inskeep, dismissed.
Ann M. O'Malley vs. Rachel E. Miller, dismissed.
Fleet Mortgage Corp. vs. Lance J. Propst, sheriff's sale.
American Ohio Council 8 vs. Trumbull County Board of Mental Retardation, dismissed.
Scharba Excavating vs. Steve Carlomagno, default granted.
Elizabeth J. Dellick vs. Federal Wholesale, settled.
Lawrence M. Roupe vs. Marvella A. Johnson, settled.
Ruby B. Black vs. General Motors, dismissed.
Alison Maier vs. Nallili Bedon, dismissed.
U.S. Bank NA vs. Marjorie Thomas et al, foreclosure.
Randall O'Hare vs. McDonald Steel, settled.
Scott E. Mascioli vs. Thomas C. Shaw, settled.
Jaro Transportation vs. Wausau Insurance, settled.
William Edwards vs. Ohio Adult Parole, dismissed.
Household Realty Corp. vs. Martha A. Houtz et al, foreclosure.
National City Mortgage vs. Terry O. Price et al, settled.
County treasurer vs. Daniel E. James, dismissed.
Ohio Valley Mall Company vs. Wilma Boley, satisfaction of judgment.
Allyne Rech vs. Robert A. Baum, settled.
Countrywide Home Loan Inc. vs. Anthony J. Dugan et al, dismissed.
Ariggle W. Moore vs. WCI Steel Inc., dismissed.
Amy Waid vs. Tom Hall, settled.
Firstar Bank NA vs. Terry Martin Placer, foreclosure.
LaSalle Bank vs. James E. Kohn Jr., foreclosure.
U.S. Bank NA vs. Perle E. Weierman, foreclosure.
Doug Foster vs. Marty James Mazzella, settled.
Landstar Investments Inc. vs. Tommy L. Perry, confirmation of sale.
Sovereign Bank vs. Glen M. Puckett, foreclosure.
Nations Credit Financial vs. Daniel A. English, confirmation of sale.
Bank One NA vs. Nicole D. Anderson, dismissed.
Nellie's Cozad vs. Michael Gianoutsos, settled.
Erie Insurance Group vs. Valerie M. Zoky, settled.
National City Mortgage vs. Jeffrey A. Wansor, foreclosure.
Bankers Trust Company vs. Robert Weaver, foreclosure.
Sherry L. Gordon vs. Debra Skopos et al, dismissed.
Chase Manhattan Mortgage vs. Jeffery D. Flood, dismissed.
Credit Based Asset vs. Donald R. Edwards Jr., foreclosure.
Sky Bank vs. Joseph J. Herubin et al, default granted.
Divorces asked
Jim Biddle, 604 W. Wilson St., Salem, and Treasa Biddle, 870 E. Fifth St., Salem.
Charlene Sigg, 7920 St. Jacob Logtown Road, Lisbon, vs. Alfred Sigg, 249 W. Lincoln Way, Lisbon.
Vyron Shultz, 48131 Moore Road, Calcutta, vs. April Shultz, 41237 1/2 state Route 39, Wellsville.
Divorces granted
Lawrence Pazin vs. Shereena Pazin.
John Thomas vs. Heather Thomas.
Brian Thomas vs. Melissa Thomas.
James Siglow vs. Elizabeth Siglow.
Dissolutions asked
Jennifer Lautzenheiser, 22612 Circle Drive, Minerva, and Ricky Lautzenheiser, Minerva.
Jessica Martin, 107 Park Court, Columbiana, and William Martin, 52 Duquesne St., Columbiana.
Dissolutions granted
Mark Talbott and Beth Talbott.
Alice Wolford and Carl Wolford.
New complaints
Digiterra vs. Von Roll America, money.
Aultcare vs. Patricia Oyer, money.
Huntington National Bank vs. Sandra Gonzalez, money.
Roxanne Eichler vs. John Eichler, personal injury.
Rachael Stanley vs. Raymond Householder, personal injury.
Real estate transfers
Paul Briya to Kenneth Miller, Middleton Twp., $130,000.
Paul Briya to Kenneth Miller, Middleton Twp., $7,000.
Scott Long to James Brinker, Washington Twp., $40,000.
Robert Gaskins to Dan Gaskins, Leetonia, $12,000.
Joe Gilpin to Nancy Brookes, St. Clair Twp., $500.
Newton Properties to Bernice Shears, Perry Twp., $145,900.
Elmer Hardgrove to Edward Nunzir, Perry Twp., $37,000.
Dwight Gibson to Marvin Barber, Perry Twp., $135,000.
Charles Ammon to Steven Coil, Liverpool Twp., $43,000.
Arthur Mabbott to Richard Parsons, Liverpool Twp., $135,000.
William Mansour to Melinda Lottman, Salem, $72,800.
Leanne Barker to Douglas Broderick, East Liverpool, $295,000.
Karen Wiley to Etal Wiley, Madison Twp., $12,500.
Karen Wiley to Gary Collins, Madison Twp., $42,500.
Danny Saracco to Tara Eastham, Wellsville, $18,500.
Timothy Herman to Daniel Miller, Hanover Twp., $66,400.
Julia Hilton to Warren Stoner, Hanover Twp., $188,000.
Arrel Black to Beth Black, Unity Twp., $114,500.
Russell Dunn to Mark Slocum, Salem, $30,000.
Delmar Rhodes to Mary Benning, Butler Twp., $53,900.

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