We mustn't forget, we're at war with terrorists

We mustn't forget, we're at war with terrorists
Have we lost sight of the fact we are in war on terrorist? It sure seems that way with the recent backlash against the woman in Georgia who did what the president asked and alerted authorities to what she over heard.
I guess if the men had turned out to be terrorists everyone would be happy and say she did the right thing, including the Islamic community. In this case, they let the men go after it was determined they were innocent.
Why now is the Islamic community up in arms? Could it be because the terrorists of 9/11 were all from Middle Eastern nations or the fact they believe we are out to get them?
For a moment, let's turn the tables. Let's say you live in a Middle Eastern country and some Caucasian people killed many of your countrymen in an act of terror. Are you telling me you would not look at all Caucasian people as potential terrorists? I don't think so.
The woman in Georgia did the right thing. She reported what she overheard. From that point on, it was up to the authorities to determine if they were in fact terrorists.
Let us not lose sight of the fact we are under attack. Terrorists do not wage a conventional war. They fight from the darkness in secret. They do not worry if they kill innocent children or adults. That is why they are called terrorists.
Let us not forget these men chose to make a joke of 9/11 because they did not like the way she looked at them. They ran the tollbooth in Florida. They are not teen-agers or children. These are men who want to be doctors. They did not use good judgment. The deaths of so many on 9/11 is not a joking matter for anyone.
Let us all be vigilant and listen. If you hear something that doesn't seem right then call the authorities. If you choose to make a joke of such a tragedy and later are investigated let it be on your head for poor judgment.
Berlin Center
Tributes to N.Y. firemen, layoff notices here
After watching the tributes from the heroic firemen of 9/11, I find it hard to believe that we are laying off firemen of Youngstown. It's a proven fact that the inefficiency of travel from one part of town to another is life threatening. They risk their lives everytime they enter the fire truck.
There is something terribly wrong with our city's priorities.
If we have a chemical war, who is trained for our survival? Firemen. Open your eyes people of Youngstown, this 0.5 percent tax is such a small amount to pay for our safety.
If the levy fails, I say to the firemen: "Do your best with what you have but don't put your lives in jeopardy for people who didn't care enough to pass this levy".
Let's show our firemen we support them by voting yes.
If YSU doesn't replace personnel, students suffer
I continue to be amazed by your editorials recommending that Youngstown State University administrators not fill vacant faculty positions as they seek to resolve the university's budget crisis. You conveniently ignore (or perhaps haven't even thought of) the consequences of such an action.
The people who would suffer most would be the very ones you wish to protect -- the students. Who do you think will be teaching and advising the hundreds of new students that YSU's enrollment marketing program is targeting? The university is already operating at a faculty deficit -- it has been for years. It has nowhere near the number of full time faculty it needs to adequately cover the classes that should be offered. Students complain that the courses they need aren't offered frequently enough, forcing them to delay graduation. In many cases, the courses aren't offered because there's no one to teach them. How will a hiring freeze help these students?
X The writer is a professor of English at YSU,
Guilt by association
The headline on page 1 of last Saturday's edition of The Vindicator speaks volumes to the voters of Ohio about candidate for governer Tim Hagan. & quot;Bill Clinton helps raise funds for Tim Hagan. & quot; The picture accompanying the article with Mr. Hagan having his arm around Mr. Clinton is also very revealing.
As I have told my children countless times as they were growing up: Who you surround yourself with tells people what kind of person you are. Keep that picture and that headline in mind when you head to the polls in November.
Post-retirement math
What is wrong with this equation? Employed = greater income = $5 for 3-month prescription. Retired = less income = $119 for 3-month prescription. Welcome to the golden years and the wonderful world of Medicare. The cost of drugs became a reality in my life now that I am walking in senior citizen shoes. And how they pinch!
What is the solution of drug costs? I only see two options. Which one should I choose? Either pay the price to lead a healthy life or forget the medication and have a stroke.
No wonder people are advised to save for retirement. Your savings will be spent on medication, getting new glasses and having your teeth repaired. Silly me, I thought when retirement arrived I'd be traveling and having a good old time.
Seniors, we need to harass, not just write our congressmen. At election time support the candidate who will vote for fair prescription prices. Vote out the incumbents who have sat on their hands and done nothing.