Marriage licenses
Jason H. Cook, 26, of 1544 Maplewood, Warren, and Juanita L. Veidt, 30, of same.
Timothy A. Rouse, 32, of 7199 state Route 45, North Bloomfield, and Teresa M. Tatum, 22, of same.
Mac D. Altier, 26, of 546 E. Prospect St., Girard, and Beatrice F. Borland, 20, of same.
Vincent M. Ingles, 22, of 54 N. Pleasant Ave., Niles, and Wendy A. Cunningham, 19, of 207 Oak Knoll, Niles.
William R. Frey, 21, of 16970 Farmington Road, West Farmington, and Linda B. Troyer, 19, of 5464 Old State Road, West Farmington.
Mark J. Cretella, 29, of 1019 Shannon Road, Girard, and Mary K. Riley, 32, of 408 Washington Ave., Girard.
David E. Stanley Jr., 31, of 1348 Woodland N.E., Warren, and Sue A. Schmitt, 32, of same.
Gary L. Bauer, 41, of 1900 Youngstown Kingsville Road, Vienna, and Cynthia M. Capatch, 40, of 4139 Smith Stewart Road, Vienna.
Edward Jerina Jr., 53, of 301 Grant St., McDonald, and Pamela L. Robinson, 50, of same.
Darin D. Dickson, 29, of 262 Folsom St., Warren, and Dodi M. Ancell, 31, of same.
Christopher M. Armstrong, 25, of 25 Blueberry Lane S.W., Warren, and Merritt K. Fortenbury, 26, of same.
Hugh D. Bentz, 43, of 197 Washington St. N.W., Warren, and Jeanne B. Ankney, 34, of same.
Bruce E. Bradley, 34, of 2049 Howland Wilson Road, Cortland, and Jacqueline L. Little, 36, of 115 N. High St., Cortland.
Gregory D. Hood, 30, of 1078 Webb Road, Mineral Ridge, and Cynthia J. Dolph, 32, of 1725 state Route 7, Columbiana.
Jeffrey A. Miller, 23, of 5697 Bushnell Campbell Road, Kinsman, and DeAnna L. Tallman, 22, of same.
William P. Milano III, 32, of 3170 Hoaglund Blackstub Road, Cortland, and Christine M. Bertuzzi, 36, of same.
John P. Zambino, 45, of 1367 Stevenson Road, Masury, and Tammy S. Reese, 37, of same.
Jeffrey L. Francis, 51, of 1313 Virginia Trail, Youngstown, and Shari Nittoli, 39, of same.
Nathaniel J. Lewis, 23, of 317 Emma Ave., Niles, and Melynda L. Steiner, 21, of 921 North Road, Niles.
Todd A. Markovich, 29, of 103 Fulton Ave., Niles, and Jodi L. Shaw, 28, of same.
Aaron W. Rice, 32, of 2315 Lyntz Road, Warren, and Wretha M. Courtright, 35, of 126 Blacks Creek Road, Wind Ridge, Pa.
Richard C. Caffie, 39, of 7801 Castlerock Drive, Warren, and Anjel Q. Yates, 40, of 3107 Hadley Ave., Liberty.
Robert J. Shanovich, 67, of 409 Ravine Drive, Youngstown, and Nancy L. Wynn, 58, of same.
Douglas E. Slater Jr., 25, of 118 Hickory Lane, Warren, and Kimberly S. Caldwell, 23, of same.
Aaron M. Hamilton, 25, of 236 Meadowbrook Ave. S.E., Warren, and Kelly R. Burke, 25, of same.
Thomas M. Brdek, 35, of 5196 Craig Ave., Warren, and Nita Gradishar, 33, of 4508 N. Leavitt Road, Warren.
Dissolutions filed
Kimberly L. Petrili and Jeffrey T. Petrili.
Brad S. Payne and Christine Braun-Payne.
Amy R. Woodayard and Scott G. Woodayard.
Amye Joseph and Charles Joseph.
Sonja L. Dean and Raymond J. Dean.
Lynne A. Bixler and Bruce K. Bixler.
William E. Oregalla Jr. and Judy E. Oregalla.
Halley T. Rabel and Michael R. Rabel.
Sheryl L. Young and Herbert G. Young.
Mitchell P. Quiggle and Denise J. Quiggle.
David B. Liberatore and Kerry R. Liberatore.
Divorces filed
Stephanie L. Rouan vs. Richard. W. Rouan.
Christine R. Ford vs. James R. Ford.
Garold L. Kukasky vs. Sue A. Kukasky.
Netti Routman vs. Leonard Routman.
Lisa Smith vs. Jason Smith.
Den Thomas vs. Dana J. Thomas.
Jennifer R. McIntire vs. Michael F. McIntire.
Glenn McClimans vs. Mary McClimans.
Mary E. Pasternak vs. Stephen F. Pasternak.
Bridgette C. Benson vs. Ernest Benson Jr.
Betty J. Dedie vs. Irvin K. Dedie.
Richard L. Twoey vs. Donna J. Twoey.
Wesley V. Mowrer vs. Kathleen m. Wesley.
James W. Phillips vs. Edna V. Phillips.
Thomas E. Guiesman vs. Mary L. Guiesman.
Franklin E. Wayner vs. Melissa L. Wayner.
Legal separation filed
Rachel A. Vasey vs. William L. Vasey.
Cases dismissed
Rose Marie McIntyre vs. Robert T. McIntyre.
Michelle A. Henderson vs. Lee E. Henderson.
Nancy H. Koors vs. Jon S. Koors.
Tina Hickman vs. Adam Bonner.
Towan L. Johnson vs. John H. Johnson Jr.
Kevin Crissman vs. Melinda K. Crissman.
Renee L. Downing vs. Paul J. Downing.
Sandra J. Grimm vs. Timothy H. Grimm.
Prisilla Setting vs. Franklin Bumgardner.
Susan M. Esposito vs. Stephen M. Esposito II.
New complaints
H. William Moyer vs. Sam Brown, other civil.
M.E. Supply Company vs. Builders Inc., other civil.
Liberty Savings Bank vs. Richard A. Harris, foreclosure.
First Union Home Equity vs. Evelyn Harding et al, foreclosure.
Russell A. Karr vs. Charles I. Swartz, professional tort.
Standard Federal Bank vs. Iola Smith, foreclosure.
Bank One NA vs. James Gunther, foreclosure.
Manufacturers and Traders vs. Robert A. McFall, foreclosure.
Sharon Talbott vs. Cincinnati Insurance, other torts.
Sky Bank vs. Joann R. Egbert, other civil.
Sky Bank vs. Jeffrey L. Gibson, other civil.
Tallyho LLC vs. City Title Company of Youngstown, other civil.
Serafina Barra vs. Nicoletta C. Betts, other civil.
Barry Miller vs. Martha Sulik, other civil.
Michael W. Davis vs. Craig R. Honkonen, other civil.
Mary Skelton vs. Warren Radiologists Inc., professional tort.
First National Bank vs. Anthony F. Parker, replevin.
Helen Foreback vs. Trumbull Memorial, professional tort.
First National Bank vs. Carmen Mazza, replevin.
BA Mortgage LLC et al vs. Stephen M. Brekoski Sr., foreclosure.
Residential Funding Corp. vs. Michael J. Morse et al, foreclosure.
Olympus Servicing LP vs. Florence Doran et al, foreclosure.
Clyde Stracola vs. Hillside Rehabilitation, other torts.
Farmers Insurance Exchange vs. Pamela L. Waldo, other civil.
Joseph Krukowski vs. Martin Chevrolet Inc., other civil.
Robert Nacci vs. Ohio Dept. of Transportation et al, workers' compensation.
Deborah J. Slider vs. Bloom Industries Inc., workers' compensation.
Rodrick W. Miller vs. GATX Rail Corp., workers' compensation.
Conseco Finance Servicing vs. James W. Cornelius et al, foreclosure.
U.S. Bank NA vs. Stephen J. Cannata, foreclosure.
Patricia A. Dilley vs. Roger J. Karasiewicz, other torts.
Pamela Politsky vs. Daniel R. Callahan, other torts.
Rick L. Baringer vs. Lindsey A. Darnell, other torts.
In the matter of parcels of land, foreclosure.
Dante York et al vs. Samuel Pipes, M.D., professional tort.
Joseph Jovenall vs. Zerco Systems, other civil.
Kirila Contractors Inc. to Robert P. Milo, replevin.
Superior Walls of Ohio vs. Damian Hileman, other civil.
Grange Mutual Casualty vs. Kenneth A. Scarnegie, other civil.
First Place Bank et al vs. Sergio U. DiPaolo et al, other civil.
Federal National Mortgage vs. Jana K. Love, foreclosure.
Homeside Lending Inc. vs. Arthur E. Gray III, foreclosure.
Michael White vs. Cummins Engine Comp., other civil.
Bank of New York vs. Karen L. Wolanin, foreclosure.
LaSalle Bank NA vs. James J. Wylie et al, foreclosure.
ABM AMRO Mortgage Group vs. Michael L. Bayus, foreclosure.

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