Types and uses
Here's a glance at apples, their taste and texture, and uses:
Cortland: sweet-tart tender; salads, kabobs and garnishes.
Empire: sweet-tart crisp; all purpose.
Fuji: sweet-spicy; crisp salads and eating.
Gala: sweet; crisp salads, sauce and eating.
Golden Delicious: sweet; semifirm tarts, salads, cheese accompaniment.
Granny Smith: tart; firm and crisp pies and eating..
Jonathan: tart to acidic tender; all purpose..
McIntosh: tangy-tart, tender and soft; closed pies and sauce.
Pippin: tart semifirm; pies, baking and eating.
Pink Lady: sweet-tart; crunchy eating, salads, baking.
Red Delicious: sweet but bland; soft to mealy eating..
Rome: sweet-tart; firm pies, baking and sauces.
Compiled with information from "On Cooking:Techniques from Expert Chefs" by Sarah R. Labensky and Alan M. Hause (Prentice Hall, $50)and the U.S. Apple Association

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