Marriage licenses
Joseph J. Mullarkey Jr., 33, of 355 Erskine Ave., Boardman, and Crystal S. Dotson, 24, of same.
Michael P. Weaver, 33, of 2 C Hunters Wood Blvd., Canfield, and Andrea L. Burt, 20 of 8722 Salem Warren Road, Canfield.
Todd M. Hodge, 28, Fontana, Calif., and Christine S. Halls, 26, of same.
David P. Cox, 45, of 1117 Inverness, Youngstown, and Natalya Shestakova, 28, of same.
Jeremy J. Morosky, 25, of 12004 Creek Turn Drive, Charlotte, N.C., and Jaime L. Pirotte, 27, of same.
David M. Dorbish, 26, of 108 N. Hartford, Youngstown, and Nancy J. Centafanti, 26, of same.
Daniel J. Memo, 25, of 2530 Timothy Knoll, Poland, and Erin P. Fritz, 24, of 100 S. Bayshore Drive, Columbiana.
Matthew J. DiBattiste, 21, of 2019 Weston, Poland, and Elizabeth J. Hrusovsky, 20, of same.
Brian H. Bowman, 34, of B-Company, Fifth Engineering Battalion, Fort Leonardwood, Mo., and Maria V. Bowman, 32, of 242 Dupont St., Youngstown.
Victor P. Barich, 25, of 8 Chambers St., Campbell, and Shannon M. McCormick, 24, of 10 Chambers St., Campbell.
Timothy J. Gardner, 31, of 7489 Huntington Drive #2, Boardman, and Laura M. Hamer, 26, of same.
Richard T. Getch, 32, of 1404 Polo Club Drive, Moon Twp., Pa., and Jolene D'Agostino, 31, of same.
Divorces asked
Kellie A. Csernik, 143 Clifton Drive, Boardman, vs. Kevin M. Csernik, 143 Clifton Drive, Boardman.
Paula Mullins, 34 Woodview Ave., Boardman, vs. Michael Mullins, 2654 Cooper St., Youngstown.
Renee J. Sodomara, 64 N. Hartford Ave., Youngstown, vs. Michael S. Sodomara, 64 N. Hartford Ave., Youngstown.
Norrene L. Cox, 132 Prestwick Drive, Boardman, vs. Ralph K. Cox III, 242 Marwood Drive S.E., Warren.
Dissolutions asked
Robert K. Tait, 706 E. Florida Ave., Youngstown, and Jeanette Tait, 66 Indianola Ave., Boardman.
New complaints
Westfield Ins. Co. vs. Sundia Hodges, money.
Bank One vs. Pamela White et al, foreclosure.
Bank of New York trustee vs. Scott Huebner et al, foreclosure.
Bank of New York trustee vs. Paul A. Webb et al, foreclosure.
Homecomings Financial Network Inc. vs. Cathy M. Winphrie et al, foreclosure.
CitiFinancial Mort. Co. Inc. vs. Leslie G. Mewbourn et al, foreclosure.
First Nationwide Mort. Corp. vs. Gerald Shugart et al, foreclosure.
Cincinnati Ins. Co. et al vs. Bulkmatic, CT Corp., money.
Country Pantry Inc. vs. Principal Financial Group, money.
General Labor Temp. Services vs. Allied Erecting and Dismantling Co. Inc., money.
Belmont National Bank vs. Charles K. Dougherty et al, foreclosure.
Huntington Mall Co. vs. Corbin Factory Stores Inc., money.
Scott Nelson et al vs. Jay S. Nelson dba Nelson's Waterfront Bar & amp; Grill, cognovit note.
Darrell Eades et al vs. Ronald Seybert et al, money.
ABN AMRO Mortgage Group Inc. vs. Wilfred J. Mcie et al, foreclosure.
National City Mortgage Co. vs. Gerald L. Carpenter et al, foreclosure.
Union Federal Bank of Indianapolis vs. Virginia M. Sims et al, foreclosure.
Richard A. Scott vs. Electronic Circuits & amp; Design et al, workers' compensation.
ABN AMRO Mortgage Group Inc. vs. Craig W. Edwards et al, money, foreclosure and relief.
Washington Mutual Bank vs. Tracie A. Gilmore et al, money, foreclosure and relief.
ABN AMRO Mortgage Inc. vs. Steven P. Shanken et al, foreclosure.
Providence Washington Insurance et al vs. Paul S. Lewis, money.
Ronald Pyles et al vs. Robin Mathews, Ohio Dept. of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services, money.
John P. Kunzer Jr. vs. Jennie M. Wood, money.
Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc. vs. Laura L. Hughes et al, money.
Carla Mabry vs. Crandall Medical Center et al, workers' compensation.
Madalena Bonilla vs. Gorant Candies Inc. et al, workers' compensation.
Bank One NA vs. Scot Huebner et al, money, foreclosure and relief.
G.E. Capital Mortgage Services Inc. vs. Kyle Mindling et al, money, foreclosure and relief.
Rebecca Cochran et al vs. Mildred Jaronieski, money.
State of Ohio vs. James W. Brown, court imposes one year community control for aggravated assault.
State of Ohio vs. Nelson Santiago, sentenced to 10 months for violation of community control and domestic violence.
Erica Crawley vs. Helen J. Schenk, satisfied.
Traci A. Kalafut vs. James R. Wilder et al, settled and dismissed.
Carmina Pochiro vs. Christopher T. Pater et al, dismissed.
Kimberly A. Lewis vs. Cincinnati Casualty et al, Cincinnati Casualty and Cincinnati Insurance companies only, settled and dismissed.
Martin Leonelli vs. Walmart Stores Inc, dismissed.
Estate of John Sikora vs. Eich Brothers Insurance et al, dismissed.
Pamela Tatar et al vs. Christopher Durner et al, dismissed.
J and G. Assoc. et al vs. Anthony S. Gutierrez et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.
Jacques Politi vs. Walter Porcelli et al, judgment for plaintiff.
Angelo Dourlas vs. U-Haul Self-storage, dismissed.
Eloise Head vs. STF dba Ron Joy Nursing Home, dismissed.
LaSalle Bank vs. Larry O. Tate et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.
Jennifer L. Jones vs. USA Cellular Inc. et al, dismissed.
Principal Residential vs. Vincent J. Schmied et al, foreclosure.
Akron General Medical Center vs. Randall Perkins, satisfied.
Dart Trucking Co. Inc. vs. The Aluminum Warehouse, settled and dismissed.
American National Property Casualty et al vs. Barbara Greene, dismissed.
Peggy L. Gardner vs. M. Charles Bryant et al, foreclosure.
Altegra Credit Co. vs. Patricia Agnone et al, dismissed.
Sky Bank vs. Donald Bagdassarian, dismissed.
Johnny Arnold vs. Ronald Carter et al, dismissed.
Debra S. Kibler, admin. vs. St. Elizabeth Health Center et al, dismissed.
U.S. Bank NA vs. Lorin Schehl et al, dismissed.
Theresa Gallaugher vs. Debra Morar, dismissed.
Regional Imaging Consultants et al vs. Computer Billing Services Inc. et al, settled and dismissed.
Bonnie Kemp et al vs. Mildred Thompson et al, dismissed.
Probate Court
Will of Richard H. Scull: estate to sister, Jeannette K. Metzger.
Will of Virginia Detesco: estate to daughter, Learose Moody, as trustee, with specific bequests.
Will of Jean E. Garritano: estate to children, Phyllis Ann Wroblewski and Donald E. Garritano, with specific bequests.
Will of Patrick R. Mangine: estate to wife, Lillian.
Will of Salvatore Yacavone: estate to wife, Barbara.
Will of Robert L. Turney Sr.: estate to wife, Ada.
Will of Laura E. Brady: estate to husband, Marvin D.
Will of Agnes A. Griffin: estate to children, Dwyn G. Peake, Mary E. McAtee, Patricia A. Haitz, Michael T. Griffin and John E. Griffin, with specific bequests.
Will of Robert F. Freudenberg: estate to Timothy W. Hall, Bessie V. Joy, Laura L. Parker, John R. Mathis, with specific bequests.
Will of Della L. Blanchard: estate to Olga L. Poteet, John Vanderbilt, Jay Morris, Wilda Opritza, Geraldine Morris, with specific bequests.
Real estate transfers
John Winwood et al to Jason E. Datko et al, Youngstown, $40,200.
Hawkins Development Corp. to Municipality of Sebring, Sebring, $400,750.
Georgiann A. Hansel to Rebecca Grimm, Youngstown, $50,700.
Hazel M. Freeze to Jeffrey H. Freeze, Poland, $77,000.
Charles L. Frazzin Jr. to Robert W. Norton II, Youngstown, $35,000.
M. Elizabeth Roberts et al to James T. Maples, Youngstown, $36,000.
Paul D. Gobel et al to Homer L. Greene et al, Youngstown, $66,000.
John Serenko et al to Sandra Snowden et al, Craig Beach Village, $6,000.
Paul A. Johnson Jr. to Jeffrey D. Ickes et al, Canfield, $108,000.
Tabaka Construction Company to Daniel J. Garver et al, Poland Twp., $31,000.
Tru North Energy LLC to Oak Realty Inc., Youngstown, $140,000.
City of Campbell to Kenneth R. Sponseller et al, Campbell, $6,000.
Hedgerow Builders Ltd. to Audrey Brumbaugh, New Middletown, $111,000.
Kenneth R. Sponseller et al to Robert L. Spin et al, Campbell, $1,000.
Carol Shoemaker et al to Sebring Presbyterian Church, Sebring, $29,651.
Scott Hillman et al to James L. Behar et al, Milton Twp., $105,500.
National City Bank et al to John B. Schippert et al, Craig Beach Village, $50,000.
Robert A. Luginbill et al to Robert A. Koch et al, Poland Twp., $190,000.
Gene L. Iddings et al to Victor L. McKay et al, Goshen Twp., $92,000.
Irvin O. Stiffler exec. to Mark E. Hines et al, Smith Twp., $110,000.
Harry Shaffer to Carl D. Davelle, Austintown Twp., $65,900.
Lynn A. Woodrum et al to Lawrence Herock et al, Milton Twp., $335,000.
Villa Rosa Gardens Ltd. to Joseph A. Massie et al, Canfield Twp., $45,000.
Stephen A. Kurminski Jr. to Dieter Frenzel, Craig Beach, $40,000.
Christopher J. Shoff to Michael J. McDonagh, Youngstown, $51,900.
David C. Priester et al to Bernice Majors, Youngstown, $19,800.
Michael J. Carney to Richard L. Johngrass, Campbell, $65,000.
Robert B. Popa to Austintown Township Trustees, Austintown Twp., $67,280.
Jason Pelfrey et al to Austintown Twp. Trustees, Austintown Twp., $88,750.
Mario Kista et al, Michael Sweeney et al, Boardman Twp., $92,000.
Richard Wimer et al to Daniel Paine Jr., Youngstown, $43,000.
Josephine Guglicello to Ronald D. Green, Youngstown, $26,400.
Gregory L. Adams et al to Beverly J. Dearth, Milton Twp., $100,000.
Countryside Development Ltd. to Joe Koch Construction Inc., Austintown Twp., $26,600.
Geraldine A. D'Amico to Christopher T. Penuel et al, Boardman Twp., $154,500.
Eugene F. Tareshawnty Jr. to Grantz Family Construction, Beaver Twp., $84,800.
Mary L. Hartzell to Brian A. Delmont, Smith Twp., $57,600.
Antac Investments to John W. Medvac, Beaver Twp., $56,000.
Hazel A. Brown to Roberta A. Livorini et al, Youngstown, $43,500.
Robert J. Garver et al to Jean M. Doyle, Boardman Twp., $59,000.
James R. Baskey Sr. et al to Stacy L. Slepski et al, Springfield Twp., $29,900.
Norman Nasser to Mark Nasser, Youngstown, $50,000.
Doris S. Pellegatti Executrix et al to Becky Carson, Youngstown, $55,000.
Mary Ellen Kidd to Sharon A. Boyer, Austintown Twp., $67,000.
Ardith Hamrock to Garnald J. Agee et al, Coitsville Twp., $219,900.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 7
Alicia J. Williams, 3039 Miltonia Ave., Youngstown, storage associate, Toys R Us; liabilities, $35,032; assets, $5,782.
Shawn P. Luther, 2316 Burbank Ave., Youngstown, tire tech, B & amp; R Wholesale; liabilities, $90,941; assets, $60,600.
Aqua R. Thomas, fka Aqua R. Collier, 254 E. Boston Ave., Youngstown, student; liabilities, $38,612; assets, $3,600.
Wendy Fishbeck, fka Wendy Anderson, 11 Delaware Ave., Poland, teacher, St. Joseph the Provider; liabilities, $64,728; assets, $9,050.
Deborah D. Triggs, 2319 Ohio, Youngstown, office personnel, Midwest Money Center; liabilities, $67,735; assets, $20,510.
Viola Gregory, 2655 McFarland Ave., Youngstown, none; liabilities, $67,735; assets, $20,510.
Corinne Payne, 1012 Valley St., Youngstown, press operator, Syro Steel; liabilities, $27,135; assets, $9,480.
Erica E. Neasi, 152 E. Carolina Ave., Sebring, none; liabilities, $31,150; assets, $395.
Moises Zelaya-Pineda and Tamara L. Zelaya-Pineda, aka Tamara Aberegg, 9163 12th St., North Benton; he: none; she: cook, Pizza Joe's; liabilities, $8,174; assets, $1,336.
Michael E. Noufer dba CastleBrook Homes & amp; Improvements, 694 Robinson Road, Campbell; social & amp; security, CastleBrook; liabilities, $112,590; assets, $4,616.
Michael J. and Wendy J. Trebella, 114 Shields Road, Boardman; he: sales, Fastenall Co.; she: teacher, Salem Christian Academy; liabilities, $52,791; assets, $2,250.
Keith J. Fink and Michelle R. Harley, 2855 Roy St., Youngstown; he: mechanic, Greenwood Market Motors; she: waitress, Dragon Palace Restaurant; liabilities, $115,506; assets, $41,815.
Eric A. Moore, 83 Notre Dame, Campbell; shift runner, Papa Johns Pizza; liabilities, $20,430; assets, $5,020.
Nikeya D. Rutledge, 717 Cameron St., Youngstown; unemployed; liabilities, $8,179; assets, $1,855.
Kenneth D. and Deanna M. Brown, 1654 South Heights, Youngstown; he: mechanic, Saturn of 422; she: cashier, Advanced Auto; liabilities, $85,869; assets, $63,415.
Jason E. Macabobby, 3514 E. Western Reserve Road, Boardman; supervisor/foreman, Aeriss Inc.; liabilities, $36,107; assets, $10,147.
Raymond J. and Linda L. Banks, 128 Auburndale Ave., Youngstown; both unemployed; liabilities, $64,402; assets, $26,000.
Donna J. Bell, 4847 Grover Drive, Boardman; secretary, New Life Assembly of God; liabilities, $111,078; assets, $98,260.
Joseph H. Best Sr., 13913 Maple Drive, New Springfield, self-employed; liabilities, $151,304; assets, $12,500.
Luann Grant, aka Luann G. Hollis, 742 Winona Drive, Youngstown, assistant teacher, YACAC Headstart; liabilities, $82,436; assets, $25,993.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 13
Josephine Patterson, 859 Palmer Drive, Youngstown; unemployed; liabilities, $77,974; assets, $52,160.
John A. Jarome, 978 W. LaClede Ave., Youngstown; carpenter; liabilities, $9,535; assets, $29,800.

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