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Jeremy Jackson, "Life At These Speeds" (Thomas Dunne Books): Kevin Schuler grabs a ride home with his parents after a track meet instead of taking the school van -- which crashes, killing everyone aboard. In his quest to forget the accident, Kevin tires to literally outrun his survivor's guilt and become a track phenom. This story will leave you cheering.
Carol Plum-Ucci, "What Happened to Lani Garver" (Harcourt): Lani is the new kid at a small high school, and, surprise, he doesn't fit in. With his long hair and lanky body, nobody's sure whether Lani's a girl or guy. Claire, a popular cheerleader with a hidden past of her own, bands together with Lani, shocking everyone. Despite gossip, prank phone calls and exile from the in-group, Claire sticks by her new buddy and learns about true friendship.
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Web site of the week: NTRB, teen resources
What's one thing all teens -- heck, all adults for that matter -- could use more of? Money. The secret of wealth, however, isn't necessarily quantity, but how you manage what you have. To help teens get the most of their money, the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) Teen Resource Bureau founded a Web site, NTRB Online (, to educate teens on the basics of fiscal management.
NTRB Online isn't bogged down in the accountant-speak you'd expect. It does a good job of introducing concepts in a concise, straightforward manner that's easily accessible to teens and young adults.
Plus, the site uses a variety of methods to reach its audience. It has a Q-and-A column called "Ask Madame Moolah" where frequently asked questions on saving and investment are answered. Also, there's a "Spotlight on Teens" section that breaks down teen spending habits and includes tips on budgeting and expense tracking.
Tips to wealth
NTRB Online's section titled "Thirty Tips to Becoming Rich" uses Flash animations to illustrate important financial concepts. Some of these include how to cut back on some of your expenses, the time value of money and how stocks increase in value. The section also explains terms such as "mutual fund," "CDs" (not the kind you store music on) and "money market fund."
Learning how to manage your money in your teens can help you avoid some of the financial pitfalls many people face as adults. NTRB Online will teach you how to make your money work for you.
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