If YSU doesn't replace pesonnel, students suffer

If YSU doesn't replace pesonnel, students suffer
I continue to be amazed by your editorials recommending that Youngstown State University administrators not fill vacant faculty positions as they seek to resolve the university's budget crisis. You conveniently ignore (or perhaps haven't even thought of) the consequences of such an action.
The people who would suffer most would be the very ones you wish to protect-the students. Who do you think will be teaching and advising the hundreds of new students that YSU's enrollment marketing program is targeting? The university is already operating at a faculty deficit-it has been for years. It has nowhere near the number of full time faculty it needs to adequately cover the classes that should be offered. Students complain that the courses they need aren't offered frequently enough, forcing them to delay graduation. In many cases, the courses aren't offered because there's no one to teach them. How will a hiring freeze help these students?
It's interesting that those who have the most to say about how to run a university often have the least knowledge of the real issues. Perhaps some unbiased research is in order.
X The writer is a professor of English at YSU,