Bill targets 'knock-offs'

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- State Sen. Robert Robbins of Greenville, R-50th, has introduced "Truth In Rock" legislation targeting "knock-off" performing groups.
"There are multiple groups touring Pennsylvania and the country calling themselves the Supremes, the Platters, the Temptations, the Drifters and more, none of which contain any members from the original groups," he said, calling the practice deceptive to those buying tickets and the original performers.
His bill, which has the backing of Mary Wilson of the original Supremes, would amend Pennsylvania's Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law to require tickets to state if the group performing is composed of original members.
Wilson is a member of FAME (Friends Against Musical Exploitation of Artists), which assists recording artists who are trying to overcome the loss or misuse of their names by impostor groups and unscrupulous promoters.
Wilson wrote to Robbins in May asking for his help.
Robbins noted his district is the home of the Vocal Group Hall of Fame & amp; Museum in Sharon, which pays tribute to those original vocal groups.
The hall is having its 2002 induction ceremonies and concert today and Wednesday.

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