We should view Saddam as Churchill viewed Hitler

We should view Saddam as Churchill viewed Hitler
Churchill would later describe the 1930s as a gathering storm. A storm that England would ignore until it was too late. Until the storm had gathered in all of continental Europe. Until Churchill's unheeded warnings of a few years before were borne out, and the storm ravaged, and threatened to inundate England itself.
September 11 was a warning that the oceans can no longer protect the United States from the new gathering storm. A storm, which allowed to grow and mature, will threaten our very existence. And so it must not be allowed to grow. It must be stopped. Now.
The darkest part of this very dark storm hangs over Iraq in the form of Saddam Hussein. A tyrant who has ravaged his own country for decades, Saddam is continuing his quest to acquire the worst weapons possible. Weapons that the Butcher of Baghdad will not hesitate use against anyone anywhere.
When we attack Iraq, as we will and must, the Butcher will use everything he can to survive. Against our troops, our allies in the region, and even against this country. Make no mistake, the Butcher has smuggled many terrorists into our homeland, and supplied them with wea-pons from his own arsenal. Weapons of mass murder will, in all probability, be used against our civilian population. The Butcher knows he can't win against our military, and will attempt to break America's spirit at home. The beginning of our war against Iraq will likely herald terrorist attacks against this country that will make September 11 pale in comparison. But we must fight now, or the death toll will be far higher later.
Churchill said that World War II should have been called the unnecessary war. We cannot wait for the day to come when whole cities will die. When tens of millions here and around the world will die in another unnecessary war.
Bessemer, Pa.
Blaming police for death of drug user is wrong
I am writing this letter in regards to the article in the Aug. 30 Vindicator about the Austintown Police Department being sued.
First I would like to offer my condolences to the family of the deceased. Any time a loved one is lost it is a tragedy.
However I would like to comment on some points of the lawsuit as reported in the paper. The man who was arrested was being pulled over for a minor traffic offense. If he was doing nothing wrong other then having expired plates why would he refuse to stop for the police?
When he was pulled over he had white powder on the front of his shirt and on his face. He admitted to the police that it was cocaine. Also reported found in his car was marijuana, a marijuana pipe, samples of prescription anti-depressants, and heartburn medications. Now it becomes clear why he didn't stop for the police initially.
Later in the article it states the police were negligent because they didn't warn the man that it was dangerous to swallow cocaine. Maybe if he had stopped before he took it upon himself to swallow the cocaine the police could have warned him. Seems to me that anyone using cocaine who does not know the dangers must have been living under a rock all their life.
Along with cocaine that the man admitted that he ate, a bag of Ecstasy pills were found in his stomach.
Maybe if he had paid more attention to law-abiding things such as renewing his car license plates, his family wouldn't be missing him today.
I was brought up that when a policeman says stop -- you stop. And if you are playing outside the law then you can plan on paying the consequences if caught. You do not blame someone else for your own ignorance and carelessness.
Only in America do people expect to be rewarded for their own negligence and stupidity.