Here, according to the 1,700 or so members of the Color Marketing Group, is what is up with color this year:

Colors are going redder, with the exception of blue.Blue is trending toward green, with a strong movement to bring the blues and greens closer.Many blues and greens are chameleon colors that fit into either family, and can be used in combination with each other or with yellows and browns.Red is moving bluer, with reds trending toward red/pink or red/orange combinations.Purples and browns are still the biggest story, with the "bipolar" purples both bluer and redder.
To reiterate: It ain't just paint.
Texture is a necessary special effect. Wood and faux finishes are hot.And color choices seem to be immune to the economic downturn.Some new color names include Rosa Roja, Langostino, Snappy Orange, Lemoncello, and Eureka (that's yellow), to throw out just a few.

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