YSU Mold closes parts of Beeghly Center

Portions of the classrooms had been flooded in July, and some faculty members who taught in them complained.
YOUNGSTOWN -- Nine classrooms in Beeghly Center at Youngstown State University were closed this morning after preliminary tests showed mold in the building.
The classrooms, which house dozens of courses for hundreds of students, will likely be closed for the remainder of the fall semester, said Len Perry, director of the YSU Office of Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety.
The classrooms make up about one-third of the building.
Classes in those rooms will be moved to Fedor Hall and other campus locations.
Perry said portions of the classrooms were flooded in July. During cleanup, a preliminary test showed the presence of a mold spore known as black mold.
A YSU news release said the presence of the mold generally does not pose a serious health threat, but in some relatively remote cases, the mold can be a source of upper respiratory problems.
Perry said he had received a few complaints from faculty members who taught in some of the classrooms. Additional tests will be conducted in those rooms and throughout the building. The results are expected in the next week.
"Mold spores are found everywhere we live," Perry said. "It only becomes a problem when they are highly concentrated. Mold remediation is a priority for YSU, and we are proceeding with deliberate caution to ensure the safety of our faculty, staff and students."

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