Bombs away and away and away and away!

Bombs away and away and away and away!
Why don't we bomb Iraq? After all they may or may not have nuclear weapons. But one thing for sure: they hate us. They hate the fact that we destroyed their infrastructures everywhere making life extremely difficult. They hate the sanctions that have caused over a million to die from lack of medicine or proper equipment and sanitation. They don't like us so why should we pity them?
Shall we bomb China? Why not? They are really no better than Iraq after all with their communism and nuclear arms. They even had the audacity to harass one of our spy planes off their coast not too long before Sept. 11. We were drumming up a war with China then so why not bomb them too?
Shall we bomb Cuba? For over 40 years they have aggravated us with their communist ideology. Why can't they let us in with our Coca-Cola and casinos and organized mobs like in the old days in Havana?
Shall we bomb Iran and North Korea, the other two members of the axis of evil? Shall we bomb Somalia? Who is heartless enough to have forgotten Somalia? Vietnam? Shall we bomb Vietnam? It wasn't so long ago that they humiliated us in the jungles and who would not want to free our long-suffering POW's somewhere out there beyond our reach?
Yes we should bomb Vietnam too, and while we're at it just a touch of our bombs for Laos and Cambodia, just like we did it in the old days.
Who else shall we bomb? Surely Saudi Arabia, with its fanatics and its oil. Surely Egypt and Jordan. Why can't they simply go along with us and Israel? Why must they always question us?
Let's not forget Libya and Syria. We must bomb them. We must bomb them too. And what about Columbia with its evil cocaine fields? And Mexico? Canada. We mustn't forget Canada. They've embarassed us long enogh with their universal health care which could put our insurance companies and health facilities in jeopardy. Yes Canada must go too.
No one can be spared. We are the greatest nation on earth in a fight to the death against terrorism and all who are not completely and wholeheartedly with us are against us.
Terror by any other name
As members of a community of women religious committed to nonviolence, we are alarmed to read of the aggressive bombing already against Iraq by the United States and United Kingdom. Such actions by our nation make us just as culpable as those who would instigate terror, for this, too, is terror!
Have we really exhausted all the diplomatic means at our disposal?
In what way can we be a "model" of democracy if we, the U.S.A, plan and execute a pre-emptive strike against a nation -- even though that nation's leader is one we name as "enemy?"
Are we really concerned about preserving and improving the lives of those innocent ones, or are we more concerned about access to the oil reserves in the Middle East? Many innocent people, women and children in particular, will suffer as we engage in war. This suffering far outweighs the possibility of ousting Saddam Hussein. In the past century we have seen and see today that violent aggression leads to more violence.
Will we ever learn? Have we ever really tried peace? Have we really tried to respond to the reasons that brought about the tragic events of last year?
As Sisters of the Humility of Mary we have a commitment to non-violence, not because we will necessarily see "results" immediately, but because it seems the way to be most human in a violent and inhuman world.
We, therefore, urge the leaders of our government and those of the United Nations who truly seek peace to stop the bombing now and to use all of the resources at our disposal to seek nonviolent means of creating a more stable, safe world for all of God's creatures.
Villa Maria, Pa.
X The letter writers are members of the Leadership Team of the Sisters of the Humility of Mary.