City's response to mold at Hubbard police station could endanger everyone

City's response to moldat Hubbard police station could endanger everyone
I am writing in regard to the conditions and circumstances surrounding the Hubbard City Police Department and the building they are housed in. Much has been said about the mold, air quality and generally deteriorating building conditions. Not much has been said about the people who work there except with regard to their health. While their health should be a priority there is more to the story than this. My husband is an employee of this department, and I am grateful for his job, he is proud to be doing a good job as are the rest of the people from this department.
This group of people is depended upon to serve our city in many ways. They are responsible for the safety of our children, sometimes more than the parents. They are relied upon to help our elderly, sometimes with every day tasks they can no longer do for themselves. They are the reason many people feel safe walking our streets at night.
It has now been said that in an effort to reduce cost, relocate or repair the police department building that some jobs may be eliminated. This will affect you directly. The possibility of no longer having a local dispatcher, no one at the station to answer your questions and increased response time from your policemen are at stake. These people should not have to pay for these repairs with their jobs.
They are a part of YOUR community; most of you know someone who works in this building. They volunteer at your church, coach your children and are involved in your child's school. Many times there are notes in the papers commending them for a job well done. A job well done is right but the job should be able to be done from a clean, safe, fully staffed work environment.
So, for all of you who know someone who works here, please stand up with them, alone they are small in numbers, with you they are large. All the times you have been grateful for them, said what a good job they do, this is your opportunity to show our city administration that these men and women are important to you-that their job matters, that they have your support.
Please call your council people, mayor, safety director and, most important, attend the council meeting Monday, Sept. 16, at 8 p.m. at the City Building. Let these people see that they can also depend on you.
A thief is the lowestof scoundrels, stealing memories and dreams
I have a message for a thief.
How dare you invade someone's home. How dare you enter their sanctuary, their retreat, their personal haven. How dare you touch their belongings with the mistaken idea that you have the right to decide what you will take for your own and what you will leave behind.
How dare you take a precious memory -- a child's gold bracelet -- a grandmothers heirloom ring -- a grandfathers pocket watch lovingly tucked away waiting to be given as a special gift. Because of you those memory makers have been cast aside with no thought of the tears left behind.
Because of you, what was once a safe haven has now become an environment occupied by codes and detectors meant to keep you from ever entering again.
Because of you we find new places to store those items so precious to us. No amount of money can replace them and you dare to believe they should belong to you.
Because of you we have the inconvenience of canceling credit cards and replacing hard earned cash.
How dare you!
Have you ever considered exchanging your present occupation to one which will provide you with something of your very own -- an honest paycheck.
I dare you!