New complaints
First Place Bank vs. Christopher Brady, foreclosure.
Nationwide Mutual Ins. Co. vs. Maureen McCabe, other civil.
Timothy Ring vs. Old Republic Ins., other civil.
Joe Schoolcraft Burkey vs. Mahoning Valley Economic, other civil.
Richard Shontz vs. C. James Conrad, workers' compensation.
Lawrence McWreath vs. Carl Medzie, other civil.
C. Daniel Montecalvo vs. Neal Barkett, other torts.
Genevieve Whetstone vs. C. James Conrad, workers' compensation.
Dorthy Tomasko vs. Frank Curcio, other civil.
Second National Bank vs. Jeffrey S. Raymond, foreclosure.
Second National Bank vs. Andrew Stillwagon, foreclosure.
Second National Bank vs. Dalanda Dunklin, foreclosure.
Nationwide Ins. Co. vs. Randy Fitz et al, other civil.
All Pro Financial IV LLC vs. Sandy Majoros et al, other civil.
GM vs. Anthony Mazi, replevin.
Leader Mtg. Co. vs. Stacey Culver, foreclosure.
ABN AMRO Mort. Group vs. Jeffrey Pesa et al, foreclosure.
Ameriquest Mtg. Co. vs. James A. McCready, foreclosure.
Chase Manhattan Mortgage vs. Patricia Hunt, foreclosure
Bertha J. Egbert vs. Added Touch, other torts.
Saint Francisville LLC vs. Herman R. Williams, foreclosure.
Patricia Bartolo vs. United Healthcare Ins. Co., other civil.
Jay Paul Freeman vs. Luther J. Blackwell Jr., other torts.
Chase Mortgage Co. West vs. Jean Gadzia et al, foreclosure.
Citifinancial Mort. Co. vs. Michael Pasko, foreclosure.
Wells Fargo Bank vs. Chuck Shaffer, foreclosure.
Bank of New York vs. Terry Strickland, foreclosure.
Kenneth Spencer vs. General Motors Corp., other civil.
Kevin Freisem vs. Barbara E. Fishio, other civil.
Marsha Manus admix. vs. Deborah L. Protiva, other torts.
Bank of New York vs. Christina Ulrich, foreclosure.
Daniel M. Leibgeber vs. Thomas Steel Strip Corp., workers' compensation.
Matthew Bugzavich vs. Kimberly A. Gremling et al, other torts.
Josephine Bland vs. Edita Sands, other civil.
Jamie Waltermire vs. Mathew A. Sherro, other torts.
Donald Hill vs. Gale L. Sanzerbacher, other civil.
Jack Humenik Jr. vs. Airport Chevrolet Inc., other torts.
Joyce L. Tochtenhagen vs. Village of McDonald, other torts.
Wells Fargo Bank vs. Hayley Skladanek, other civil.
GM vs. Tauris W. Trice, replevin.
BA Mortgage LLC vs. Mitchel G. Shank, foreclosure.
Gordon Proctor director vs. Unknown Transferees, appropriation.
Bank One vs. David L. Jones et al, foreclosure.
First Place Bank vs. Scott A. Hickey, foreclosure.
Chester Hughes vs. Richard Salata, other torts.
Greater Warren Community vs. Darren C. McCall, foreclosure.
GM vs. Delores Morris, other civil.
First Merit Bank vs. Dale H. Walpole, foreclosure.
Altegra Credit Co. vs. Kevin Harris et al, foreclosure.
Cedent Mort. Corp. vs. Lisa M. Stevens, foreclosure.
ABN AMRO Mortgage Group vs. Dave Johnman et al, foreclosure.
Docket entries
Timber Point Condominium vs. Frank W. Wertenbach, dismissed.
John L. Pogue vs. Joseph Sergi, settled and dismissed.
Polly Parks Hall vs. Delphi Packard Electric, settled and dismissed.
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage vs. Susan M. Austin, confirmation of sale.
Bankers Trust Co. vs. George Kuriantyk, foreclosure.
National City Bank vs. Rex J. Tanari, dismissed.
Option One Mtg. Corp. vs. Darin L.Palmer, foreclosure.
Nannicola Inc. vs. Rev. Sam Shoaff, default granted.
J. P. Morgan Chase vs. James F.Kuptz et al, foreclosure.
Warren Concrete Supply Co. vs. Paul Whitfield, dismissed.
Christ Michelakis vs. David L. Armstrong Jr., dismissed.
Ameriquest Mortgage vs. Brian F. Anerio, sheriffs sale.
Robert D. Stewart vs. Robert T. Brodell M.D. dismissed.
Walter Atwell Cross vs. Fireboard Corp., dismissed.
Robert Forsythe Sr. vs. Ohio Health Ventures Ltd., dismissed.
Sylvia Lewis vs. Handels Homemade Ice Cream, summary judgment granted.
Chase Manhattan Mort. vs. Tammy L. Schultz, foreclosure.
Rhonda Strickland vs. Travelers Property, settled and dismissed.
Ruby Black vs. GMC, dismissed.
Farmers National Bank vs. Bernard Fronzaglio, confirmation of sale.
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage vs. Mark A. Boyts, confirmation of sale.
Second National Bank vs. Michael Granger, confirmation of sale.
Matthew Stecher vs. Justine Smith, settled and dismissed.
Standard Federal Bank vs. Peggy E. Fauvie, confirmation of sale.
Richard Lavalliere vs. Lisa Foster, settled and dismissed.
Christ Michelakis vs. Raymond Lonsway, foreclosure.
Collette Somple-Sheely vs. Paul D. Serroka, dismissed.
Washington Mutual Bank vs. Richard Elmore et al, foreclosure.
BMW Financial Services vs. Don P. Cook Jr., dismissed.
Carmalynn Caimona vs. Seth Kessler, dismissed.
Ameriquest Mortgage vs. Bruce R. Leigh, dismissed.
Christ Michelakis vs. Kerry Elser, dismissed.
Christ Michelakis vs. Jack C. Hutchinson, dismissed.
Randall Gintert vs. WCI Steel Inc., dismissed.
Crystal Lane vs. Allstate Ins., settled and dismissed.
Countrywide Home Loans Inc. vs. Anthony Dugan et al, settled.
Dollie McKenzie vs. Jerry Hentosh, settled and dismissed.
Arggle W. Moore vs. WCI Steel Inc., settled.
Raymond Maggianetti vs. ATD Corp., dismissed.
In the Matter of Parcels of Land Encumbered, confirmation of sale.
Mary Kirksey vs. Giant Eagle Corp., settled.
Rhino Excavating vs. City of Niles, dismissed.
United Steel Service Inc. vs. ATD Corp., judgment for plaintiff.
Pamela Sears vs. Clarendon National, dismissed.
Metropolitan National vs. Elizabeth Szabo, foreclosure.
Standard Federal Bank vs. Todd Parker et al, foreclosure.
Christ Michelakis vs. Dicie Charley, foreclosure.
Timothy Marburger vs. Neal R. Taylor, default granted.
Countrywide Home Loans vs. James H. Lytle II, foreclosure.
Federal National Mortgage vs. Donald Frank et al, dismissed.
Christ Michelakis vs. Dorelina Somerville, dismissed.
Credit Based Asset vs. Valerie J. Stevenson, dismissed.
Deutsche Financial vs. Crest Bowling Lanes Inc., judgment entry.
Joseph Lukac et al vs. Owens Illinois Inc., dismissed.
Gloria Davis vs. Ned Murray, dismissed.
John C. Grundy Co. LPA vs. Park Porter Ltd., settled and dismissed.
Patricia Damron vs. Union Auto Parts Inc., satisfied.
Daniel Peterson vs. WCI Steel Inc., settled and dismissed.
Dora Selbe vs. Christopher Rinda, settled and dismissed.
Erie Ins. Group vs. Valerie Zoky, dismissed.
First Place Bank vs. Anna L. Blosic, confirmation of sale.
Citifinancial Mtg. Co. Inc. vs. Harold Brunner, confirmation of sale.
In the Matter of Parcels of Lane, confirmation of sale.
Credit Based Asset vs. Joe Fulmer et al, foreclosure.
Citibank NA as trustee vs. Jennifer Knotts et al, settled and dismissed.
Washington Mutual Bank vs. Vickie Hill, foreclosure.
Community Finance Home vs. Terri Presco, foreclosure.
State Farm Mutual Auto vs. David Huerta, dismissed.

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