Marriage licenses
John C. Ritzler, 42, of 2230 S. Raccoon Road, Austintown, and Brenda K. Marchese, 47, of 929 1/2 Robbins Ave., Niles.
Brian L. Mullenax, 30, of 1950 Housel Craft Road, Bristolville, and Deborah A. Follmer, 31, of 71 Noe Ave., Orwell.
David A. Davis, 24, of 942 Maryland Ave., Warren, and Dana T. Coughley, 22, of 3141 Minerva, Ferndale, Mich.
Ryan C. Pearce, 24, of 5043 County Line Road, Southington, and Jennifer R. Meyers, 24, of 3155 Barclay Messerly Road, Southington.
Daniel J. Lewis, 35, of 3869 Jacobs Road, Hubbard, and Joyce T. L. Pratt, 35, of 1627 Collar Price Road, Hubbard.
Gary P. Pecorelli, legal age, of 241 Fox Run, Cortland, and Patti L. Keller, 41, of same.
Louis Paoletta Sr., 67, of 425 Seneca St., Niles, and Juanita Ward, 73, of same.
Eugene L. Miligi, 34, of 435 McKinley Blvd., McDonald, and Jennifer L. Dean, 27, of 8288 Park Ave., Garrettsville.
Travis L. Patchin, 21, of 5729 state Route 82, Newton Falls, and Andrea K. Osborne, 19, of 2848 N. Leavitt Road, Warren.
Darren S. Caffie, 42, of 2164 Northwest Blvd., Warren, and Patryce R. Johnson, 40, of same.
Anthony J. Neri, 22, of 7390 Drake Stateline Road, Burghill, and Angel J. Miller, 21, of same.
Robert E. VanAiken, 33, of 1011 Maple St., Jackson, Mich., and Christalene M. Richardson, 28, of same.
Patsy Buccino, 44, of 3795 Tuscany Creek, Poland, and Irene Manios, 40, of 1792 Cranberry, Warren.
Paul D. Parker, 47, of 2406 Jackson St. S.W., Warren, and Susan M. Enoch, 35, of 9511 Bauer Ave., Warren.
Vernon F. Swain, 46, of 2126 Timber Way Drive, Cortland, and Karen E. Tonkovich, 41, of same.
Kenneth R. Bedio, 21, of 117 Timber Way Drive, Cortland, and Laurie S. Gibbs, 21, of same.
Douglas C. Muir, 32, of 3178 S. Dayton Court, Denver, Colo., and Jennifer B. Reese, 26, of same.
Eric G. Reiff, 30, of 2920 Briarwood Road, Bonita, Calif., and Meghan M. McQuaide, 23, of same.
Timothy Collins, 31, of 418 N. Highland Ave., Girard, and Kelly C. Worley, 22, of same.
Michael C. Maffitt, 27, of 394 Oak Knoll S.E., Warren, and Rachael A. Cindea, 27, of same.
Jeffrey D. Leskovac, 26, of 2825 Youngstown Ave., McDonald, and Jennifer A. Olmstead, 28, of same.
Timothy A. Yereb, 29, of 7450 Warren Sharon Road, Brookfield, and Jennifer Golub, 26, of same.
Danny R. Myes, 28, of 120 Elruth Court, Girard, and Dana E. Berryman, 30, of 1214 Ohio Ave., McDonald.
James Osborne, 46, of 3102 Lodwick, Warren, and Lisa C. Booher, 36, of same.
John W. Kerr, 39, of 305 Twin Ponds Lane, Bridgeville, Pa, and Jennifer L. Clossin, 26, of same.
Anthony Fiorini, 23, of 2425 Pleasant Valley Road, Niles, and Alaina Tringhese, 22, of 3387 Creed, Hubbard.
Jeremy R. Lofton, 27, of 1108 W. Eldorado St., Broken Arrow, Okla., and Melissa A. Davis, 23, of same.
Craig M. Johnson, 29, of 636 Dakota Ave., Niles, and Allison L. Butcher, 25, of same.
Ronald E. Loveless, 55, of 819 5th St., Niles, and Teresa Cramer, 46, of same.
Timothy R. Baum, 22, of 1 N. Quail, Fowler,and Lisa M. Yurko, 25, of same.
Gregory E. Cozad, 28, of 555 Iowa Ave., Niles, and Rebecca Rodriquez, 26, of same.
Damon L. Little, 20, of 852 Oak St., Warren, and Yolanda Workman, 19, of same.
Mark W. Gargas, 21, of 117 Bristol Champ Townline Road, Bristolville, and Christina M. Paul, 20, of 203 Avalon Drive, Warren.
Michael H. Bradley, 39, of 208 Towson, Warren, and Kimberly D. Salzer, 29, of same.
Wayne C. Hickman, 26, of 111 Brentwood Blvd., Warren, and Juliann Byrom, 25, of same.
Timothy T. Thigpen, 30, of 1405 Shannon Road, Girard, and Jamie L. McGinnis, 25, of same.
Kevin D. Newell, 23, of 111 Ruth Ave., Cortland, and April M. English, 22, of same.
Robert T. Wiscott Jr., 23, of 3458 Main St., Mineral Ridge, and Kristine Schofield, 21, of 3819 Kelly St., Mineral Ridge.
Michael A. Lorello, 33, of 584 Heatherwood Drive, Warren, and Rebecca L. Stonestreet, 27, of same.
William T. McGilton, 50, of 9405 Barclay North, Kinsman, and Harriet D. Wiltrout, 48, of same.
James B. Medallis, 35, of 2818 S. Canal St., Newton Falls, and Sheri S. Horvath, 33, of 3002 Robinwood Drive, Warren.
David C. Bistransin, 46, of 464 Dickons Place, Sharon, Pa., and Deloris Edmondson, 47, of same.
James R. Gore, 26, of 1233 North Park Lane, Brookfield, and Courtney M. Ramsey, 20, of same.
Divorces asked
Eugene Peters vs. Mary M. Peters.
Thomas Howard vs. Tsinia Howard.
Pamela Steinbeck vs. William D. Steinbeck.
Patricia L. Cerbus vs. Donald R. Cerbus.
Deborah Brogdon vs. Michael Brogdon.
Kelly A. O'Grady-Lowery vs. James K. Lowery.
Timothy Cleary vs. Mary Cleary.
Linda D. Lampardo vs. James P. Lampardo.
Geraldine Rowley vs. Robert L.Rowley.
Phyllis Vandergrift vs. Charles E. Vandergrift.
Dennis B. Clark vs. Martha J. Clark.
Robin L. O'Dell vs. Shawn O'Dell.
Deborah I. Siggelow vs. Robert A. Siggelow Jr.
Richard E. Sanders vs. Diane A. Sanders.
Jonathan Haberger vs. Brandy N. Haberger
Divorces granted
Michele K. Lee vs. Daniel D. Lee, divorce to both.
Stephen Kapuchuck vs. Sonja R. Kapuchuck, divorce to plaintiff.
Jeffrey Dukes vs. Pamela Dukes, divorce to both.
Gary W. Woolensack vs. Fran A. Woolensack, divorce to both.
Steven Miranda vs. Terria L. Miranda, divorce to both; wife restores name to Landers.
Monica Ainsley vs. Robert Ainsley, divorce to plaintiff; wife restores name to Persing.
Kathy Bokone vs. John Bokone, divorce to both.
Anna Provitt vs. David Provitt Sr., divorce to plaintiff.
Cathy Walsh vs. Robert L. Walsh, divorce to plaintiff.
Dissolutions granted
Darryl J. McKee Jr. and Christine M. McKee.
Gail L. Irwin and Theodore T. Irwin; wife restores name to Wright.
Janene T. Hivner and Michael E. Hivner; wife restores name to Bremick.
Gail E. Shaner and Keith E. Shaner.
Robin Cross and Robert W. Cross; wife restores name to Harkelrode.
Karen Oyer and Carl M. Oyer; wife restores name to Luger.
Judith A. Reckart and Eugene R. Reckart.
Robert P. Cigoy and Cheryl A. Cigoy.
Civil protection order/Domestic violence
Cynthia Washington vs. Carlton Washington Jr.
Naomi Jethrow vs. Joseph Jethrow.
Kim York vs. Raymond Chryst.
Heather Stredney vs. John Roach.
Dissolutions asked
Donna J. Shoop and Donald J. Shoop.
Robert L. Bush Jr. and Kelly L. Bush.
John D. Jones Jr. and Tracy M. Jones.
Tammy Hall and Robert C. Hall.
Michelle Goodworth and Michael L. Goodworth.
Angela M. Timko and Nicholas Timko III.
Pamela Fusselman and Bradley G. Fusselman.
Terri A. Pease and John A. Pease.
Kenneth E. Durst Jr. and Linda K. Durst.
Laura J. Sarvey and Donald L. Sarvey Jr.
Legal separations filed
Patricia Cerbus vs. Donald Cerbus.
Cases dismissed
Kelly Nunn vs. Terry Nunn.
Tammy Hakeem vs. Amir Hakeem Sr.
Winter Capraranis vs. James H. Capraranis.
Rhoda Martorana vs. Brian L. Martorana.
Devery McBride vs. Dakishia McBride.
Jacqueline Stargell vs. James Robertson.
Bonita May vs. Lawrence R. May.
Sherry Goodrich vs. Thomas Goodrich.
Christina L. Lewis vs. Scott A. Love.
Michelle McLain, 308 10th St., Wellsville, vs. Marcus McLain, 716 3rd St., Chester, W. Va.
Bernadette Mellinger, 2197 Jersey Ridge Road, Salem, vs. Michael Mellinger, 1639 Shady Lane, Salem.
Keith McCoy, 46108 Crestview Road, New Waterford, vs. Angela McCoy, 45912 state Route 154, Rogers.
Carol Radcliff, 42 Washington St., Salineville, vs. Melvin Radcliff, 37194 Hazel Run Road, Salineville.
Erica Tyson, 245 High St., Leetonia, vs. William Tyson, 2075 S. Avon-Beldon Road, Grafton.
Divorces granted
Mandy Metze vs. Eric Metze.
Bonita Manning vs. Greg Manning.
Diane Laughlin vs. Shawn Laughlin.
New complaints
Matthew Rawson vs. William Derrington, personal injury.
Wilson Baker vs. Gail Sprouse, money.
Tammy Hurst vs. Alex Reese, personal injury.
Forrest Phelps Jr. vs. Jolene Tayler, personal injury.
Brenda Martin vs. Catherine Davidson, personal injury.
Real estate transfers
Indian Lake Inc. to George Kupec, Unity Twp., $5,600.
Mary Dyke to Laurence Stephenson et al, Unity Twp., $32,500.
Samuel Adams et al to Jennifer Pierce et al, Salem, $28,000.
Douglas Green to Michael Farino, Salem, $55,500.
James McLaughlin to Kenneth Stefl et al, Elkrun Twp., $86,000.
Richard Beach to Michael Williams, Elkrun Twp., $67,980.
Michael Daughtery to Juel Klingensmith, West Twp., $98,000.
David Haggart et al to Walter Miller et al, Hanover Twp., $13,500.
Tara Jayne et al to Raymond Parrish, East Palestine, $103,000.
Gary Hamilton et al to Judy Thompson et al, Center Twp., $17,500.
Charles Beling to Gerald Baker et al, Fairfield Twp., $32,000.
Lowell Wellman et al to Charles Kuptz et al, Middleton Twp., $105,000.
Susan Shallcross to Alan Shields et al, Middleton Twp., $132,000.
Betty Schultz to Debra Reali et al, Hanover Twp., $112,500.
Vera Ashworth to Paul Bowers et al, Hanover Twp., $5,000.
Roger Iler to Roger Iler et al, Knox Twp., $14,100.
Mark Flake et al to Valerie Rouse et al, Salem, $125,000.
Shelly Zeh to Stephen Bycroft, East Palestine, $50,000.
William Jusior to Chester McGath, East Palestine, $47,000.

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