Tune-up time
Fall is the perfect time of year for a garage door tune-up. Most garage door companies offer annual inspections for around $30, but if you want to do your own checking, make sure to:
Lightly oil all springs, rollers and hinges with WD-40 or motor oil.
Use white lithium grease to lubricate the chain or screw on the electric opener if your door is automatic.
Check the weather seal along the bottom of the door for wear and tear. A tight seal keeps mice and cold air out. New seals are sold at home improvement centers and garage door specialty shops.
If your door was made before 1993 and does not have photoelectric eyes (a federally-mandated safety feature that causes the door to reverse if something is in its path), check to make sure the automatic reverse mechanism is working properly. (This device will cause the door to reverse should it hit something other than the garage floor.)
Check rollers and lift cables for broken strings. If you need new ones, call a professional since replacing them is dangerous.
Check the balance of the garage door. If you have an automatic door, disengage the electric opener and manually close the door halfway. A perfectly balanced door should neither ride up nor fall down.

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