BILLY SUNDAY Sermon 'Flashes'

Billy Sunday held revival services in Youngstown in 1910. The Youngstown Daily Vindicator covered the services, often devoting an entire page or more a day to his sermons. Quotables were listed in the newspaper each day under the standing headline: "Flashes from Sunday's Sermon."
You must want to grow like a miser wants money, like a hog eats slop and like a politician wants office.
Grit is the Daniel in you that don't turn back when you hear the lions roar.
Morality can never grow. It has no life, but the man who is a Christian has life.
Anyone who says it is all right to play cards, go to dances and horse races, it's sufficient evidence to me that he isn't qualified to tell anyone what to do.
There are places in this town that if the angels in heaven mixed with the people that went there, they would have to be regenerated, fumigated and disinfected before they could return to heaven.
The Christian religion is not a dogma or a creed but it centers about a personal Christ.
Jesus Christ knocks, but if you don't open the door he won't force his way into your heart.
What would Jesus do? He would soak some of you lobsters, you four-flushers.
God will have nothing to do with the church that denies the divinity of Jesus Christ.
The trouble is that America has forgotten God during the past thirty years.
There may be some good things about the theatre, but its influence is against Christianity and it will never get a dollar of my money.
San Francisco is in my judgment the wickedest city this side of Hell.
You show me a man that will break the Sabbath and I will show you a man that will break every day in the week.
Even the popular songs of the day are disrespectful of the home and marriage vows.
You can slap Jesus Christ in the face by refusing to mention His name in the Christmas school exercises, but it is damnable, stinking treason to kick the Bible out of the public schools.
We don't need new members in the church half as much as we need the old bunch made over. One of the greatest dangers in the church today is egotistical self-contentment.
Youngstown has the greatest evidences of prosperity I have ever seen. You have pay night, play nights and pray nights.
Dances breed prostitutes.
The downfall of most every man or woman can be traced to some defect in the home.
You work for a living to pay expenses but your business is to be a Christian.
Of all things we hate more than anything else is to see ourselves as we really are.
You are the biggest fools this side of Hell when you want to do the things God does not want you to do and you love the things that God hates.
You may live in Wick Avenue or the red light district. That don't make any difference with God. You will die and go to Hell if you don't repent.

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