No way you can believe this guy!
The totally appealing/appalling boy report, from Seventeen magazine:
I've never kissed a boy, and one of my good guy friends knows this. One day in science class we got on the topic of kissing, and I told him about a guy who was trying to get me to kiss him and how upset it made me. After school, I checked my e-mail like I always do; there was a sweet message from my friend. He just wanted to make sure I was OK, and that this guy wasn't pressuring me into anything I didn't want to do. I scrolled down -- at the bottom of the message he'd given me some tips on kissing to make me feel better.
My boyfriend and I were hanging out with my friend and her new love interest at a coffee shop. We chatted for a while and then my friend needed a bathroom break, so I went with her. When we came back to the table, my friend's new beau had a disgusted look on his face, and my boyfriend was laughing. I didn't think anything of it until later that night when my friend's guy told me that when I'd gone to the bathroom, my boyfriend became a total pig and started telling him about my breasts and butt! I was so furious. That relationship ended real fast.
XFor more Can You Believe This Guy?, check out the current issue of Seventeen or visit the magazine's Web site at www.seventeen.com.
CosmoGirl shows howto do a magazine site
Magazine Web sites are often pretty blah; the general idea is: "Here's a sample; buy our magazine." But the folks at CosmoGirl have outdone themselves making their site (www.cosmogirl.com) a hip girl's wonderland.
The site does offer samples of stories from the magazine and gives you the opportunity (as many times as you want it and more) to subscribe, but that's just the liquid foundation to a bounty of fun, interactive features.
Our fave? CG Gossip. You type in the name, hometown and e-mail address of a friend, and the site spits out and sends a juicy gossip item about her (BTW, hottie Shane West is wildly in love with my editor).
While you're on the site, don't miss the fun games: Play Fashion, which is like Memory meets the mall; and Operation Kiss Off, "Space Invaders" with lipstick. Trust us, blowing kisses at flying lipsticks to keep them from splatting pink goo on your face is much harder than it first appears.
Cosmogirl.com also gives readers a chance to comment on the magazine, ask for advice, submit their personal stories and enter to win cool prizes (such as a complete set of "Friends" on DVD). Don't miss this site.
More stylish shreddersfor kids on campus
When did a paper shredder become part of back-to-college shopping lists? When identity theft started to become a problem on campuses.
This month, a hot back-to-school seller at Bed Bath & amp; Beyond is a sleek high-speed silver shredder by Aurora ($29.99) that comes with its own attached metallic mesh trash basket.
Over the past few years, shredders have gone from being primarily office staples to home use, according to Gene Greenberg, a sales manager at Aurora Corp. in Torrance, Calif. "Identity theft has become a major issue for consumers," he says. "Many people are regularly shredding all those solicitations that come through the mail each day that contain a lot of personal information about them that could be stolen."
Greenberg says the residential trend has spawned a new line of more stylish shredders. And because college students receive credit-card solicitations and mail with their Social Security numbers printed all over them, they should be wary of just tossing those papers in the wastepaper basket.
"I just presented a shredder to my daughter who is off to college this month," said Greenberg. "I told her that she and her roommate should shred everything that comes into their room."
Well, almost everything.

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