Man arrested after cops find 16 guns in car

Man arrested after copsfind 16 guns in car
WASHINGTON -- Police Chief Charles Ramsey says a man arrested with 16 guns in his car about two miles from the White House may have made threats against President Bush.
The man was stopped a little after noon Wednesday after the Secret Service received information Tuesday suggesting a man was driving from Pennsylvania toward the White House with explosives.
The Secret Service issued an alert for police agencies to be on the lookout for him.
Washington police stopped a car registered in Pennsylvania and driven by Jeffrey Cloutier, 33, of Newport, N.H.
Authorities found 10 rifles and six handguns in the car, but Ramsey said no explosives were discovered.
Newport Police Chief David Hoyt said his department was alerted Tuesday night that Cloutier was headed to Washington, and officers notified the Secret Service based on that information.
The Secret Service declined to comment on whether Cloutier had made any threats toward the president, but a New Hampshire law enforcement source said Cloutier had talked of harming Bush.
Authorities releaseprofile of serial killer
BATON ROUGE, La. -- The serial killer is likely white, socially inept with women and between 25 and 35 years old. He seems like a nice guy, doesn't make much money and is strong enough to lift 175 pounds.
Authorities hope that profile will jog someone's memory as they investigate the slayings of three Baton Rouge women, whose deaths within the past year have been linked by DNA evidence.
FBI experts and local police who created the profile released details in segments Tuesday and Wednesday, along with images of footprints the killer left behind. Police say the prints indicate he probably spent lots of time watching women, including the three victims, and at some point tried to approach them.
"However, his level of sophistication in interacting with women, especially women who are above him in the social strata, is low," the profile reads.
He blends in with the community and seems to be a nice guy, but is impulsive and would have shown fits of anger and agitation when information about the murders was released, paying special attention to media coverage, police said.
The profile included the image of an athletic shoe print believed to belong to the killer, who wears a size 10 or 11.
Paris tells dog ownersto clean up their act
PARIS -- Parisian dog owners beware: Get out your scoopers or be prepared to pay a $182 fine.
That's the latest warning from Deputy Mayor Yves Contassot, who wants to change dog-friendly Paris' reputation as one of Europe's messiest capitals.
"I am for a simple principle: If you pollute, you pay," Contassot told a news conference Wednesday.
Authorities plan to plaster the city with thousands of posters carrying stern warnings against leaving behind dog droppings, or any other litter.
"Everything must disappear," the notices read. "Dog droppings not scooped up mean a fine of 183 euros [$182]."
The campaign is part of renewed efforts to enforce a decree city hall issued in April that extended a ban against leaving dog droppings on the sidewalk to include the street.
The fine also applied to anyone who dropped any kind of litter in the street. But the decree was barely enforced because of staff shortages and because some 13,500 city trash cans were closed as a precaution against terror attacks.
Now, there's no excuse. Not only have the trash cans been replaced by transparent green trash bags, but their numbers have increased to 18,700, Contassot said.
Innocent plea
INDIO, Calif. -- A woman accused of orchestrating the kidnapping of her 9-year-old son pleaded innocent Wednesday, as did three others accused of helping her.
Debra Rose, 38, was charged with child abduction, felony burglary and felony assault. Her son, Nicholas Farber, was taken at gunpoint Aug. 28 by two men who broke into his father's Palm Desert home, authorities said.
The boy was found safe with his mother three days later at a campground east of San Diego.
Rose, of Colorado Springs, Colo., was ordered held on $1 million bail.
Rose and the boy's father, Michael Farber, divorced in 1996.
The other defendants were charged with child abduction, felony burglary, felony assault and kidnapping, and ordered held on $1 million bail.

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